Good Food And Wine Show 2015 // REVIEW

One thing that plays a big part in everyone’s life is food, but for some they take it that little step further- like myself. 
So when something like the Good Food and Wine Show comes to Melbourne I ALWAYS make sure I am there and leave with more things I can even carry out the door. 
This is the theatre I never got to stay at and watch a couple of shows like last year. 

This year was no exception and I shopped more then I have at any food show before, as I am in the midst of turning my diet on its head and just living a healthy, balanced life now. 
I am not paleo, I am not vegetarian, I am not vegan and I don’t exclude calories from my diet- I just eat what I like but always find the healthier alternative and experiment with what I cook. 
With my anxiety at its peak though, Matt has taken over in the kitchen and is an amazing cook. Lucky for me he is quite flexible and more then happy to make dietary changes with me- he is also quite the chef (gosh I have hit the jackpot)! 
It was a big thing for me mentally going to the Good Food and Wine expo, and something I am yet to get my head around why myself so cannot explain this to you either. 
But once in there it was any foodie’s heaven, including mine. The first stall I went to I bought something. 
I like going to these types of things with nothing in my stomach so I can try a little bit of everything even if it means walking out feeling like I need to excuse myself haha. 

They are way too cute!

This year was different from previous years for us though, we decided to bring the little chicks along with us- which was stressful without the pram. 
Madison took off in almost every direction and thought hide and seek was the best game to play ever… NOT!!! 
Lots of space for them to run around and let the energy out, away from the hustle and bustle.

But aside from Madison being a pain, Hayley was great and the day was a blast. I think I like testing events and things to do with children and whether or not it is doable or not. I would say yes to this, but bring a pram or stroller to save some troubles. 
I think they approve of this show!

Last year I remember it being a lot busier, but then again this time around I went on the last day. Actually I think coming on the last day was best, in the last few hours people clear EVERYTHING from their stalls and you can grab yourself some really awesome bargains. 
I was introduced to some pretty fantastic brands this year, and even created some working relationships- so from a blogger point of view this is a great opportunity to network. 
Taking a rest from shopping, and trying out the goods

You will see a lot more food and healthy eating posts popping up on here and also my social media- so keep those eyes peeled. 
Anyway back to the expo; with the kids there though, we didn’t get the chance to sit down and have a little look at the demonstrations and just briefly walked past that area a few times. I cannot wait for it to return to Melbourne, and just wish there were more foodie events like this one- hint, hint, nudge, nudge J
My palate was left in a very pleasant state, with many fantastic new tastes and tricks to take home with me.
If you are in other states it would be worth jumping onto the website below to see when the show is coming to you, and also where you can purchase your tickets. 
We even cooked up a little Good Food and Wine show storm tonight, with products we received from the expo- keep you posted =)