Leukaemia Foundation // Stadium Stomp // Building of Hope

Turn the clock back 5 months ago and I couldn’t tell you a thing about Leukemia except for the fact I knew it was some type of cancer.  Since signing up along with my team for the Stadium Stomp I have found out so much about Leukaemia and also the Leukaemia foundation.

Many tears were shed for me, and even more were held in as I tried to remain composed and brave like the families that stood before me at the Melbourne Aquarium today.

I got a little insight on how much such a dreadful thing like Leukaemia can affect a family and anybody it come into contact with.

Sometimes we don’t count our blessings and realize we have it pretty darn good in comparison to some families out there!

About the Leukaemia Foundation:

The Leukaemia Foundation is Australia's peak body for blood cancer, funding research and providing free services to support people with leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma and related blood disorders, and their families.

We have an unwavering focus on reducing the impact of blood cancer and related blood disorders by providing free practical and emotional support, and funding research to improve treatments and find cures. Our work also includes raising awareness of the impact within the community, advocacy, and contributing to the international blood cancer sector to improve quality of life for the person and their family.

I was introduced to soo many lovely faces and extremely brave people that had been through things I couldn’t even begin to think about- but yet they wore smiles and even shared laughs.

The reason Shayne, Prue and myself (parts of the Fast Flyers team) did what we did today is to get an insight of what the Leukaemia Foundation does for families even after they are in remission and beyond.

Speaking to the families I don’t think you will hear one of us whinge when we head to the MCG for the Stadium Stomp.

What is the Stadium Stomp?

Stadium Stomp takes stair climbing and endurance events to a whole new level. It's the ultimate stair climbing challenge held at some of Australia’s largest and most well known stadiums. Participants climb up, down and around the stairs within the stadium bays, traversing literally thousands of stairs along the way.
The course options available make this event open to all levels of fitness.  These may vary from venue to venue so please refer to your preferred event for details. There will be rest stops along the way, drink stations scattered throughout the course and music to keep you going

Now more then ever we want to try to raise as much funds as possible to help bring to light new life for those families suffering the effects of Leukaemia and its destructive path.

The Leukaemia Foundation is looking to build a block of apartments especially for those families who little ones are going through treatment for Leukaemia to be able to stay as a family unit. 

What is the Building of Hope?

Each year hundreds of blood cancer patients relocate from regional and rural areas across Victoria
and Tasmania for highly specialised and complex chemotherapy and bone marrow transplants at Melbourne’s major treating centres. The Building of Hope will make an extraordinary difference to the lives of regional families relocating to Melbourne for lifesaving treatment.

I think it is very important to keep a family unit together in times like these and that is why I want to, along with my team (the Fast Flyers) raise as much as we possibly can for this foundation!

If you would like to donate please head to the link below- every little donation will help to create a better future for Leukemia patients,  and maybe one day even find a cure!