Lesson Learnt // Accidents Happen


Accidents DO happen and this is something I have had to realise really quickly in the Motherhood department, I can’t wrap my children in cotton wool all their lives.

You may have noticed recently I have been out of action and this is due to my daughter having an accident. It was not in my care so I am just going off what her Dad and of course her have told me!

My petal with a sore wing

Going back two weeks, Hayley was just being a kid and fell out of a tree. I was coming home from a weekend at my Mum’s house when I got THAT phone call.

H’s Dad: Don’t panic..
H’s Dad: We are in the ambulance as we speak..
Me: TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED NOWWWW (Ok maybe a few naughty words in there).
H’s Dad;  Hayley fell out of a tree
Thinking to myself- oh maybe a broken bone Me; Yeah?!
H’s Dad: She impaled herself and has quite a big gash under her arm.
Me; (panicking) Ok on my way to meet you there.

So what happen is Hayley was climbing down from a tree and lost her footing, falling down onto a broken branch and impaling herself. Instead of hanging there she has then tried to pull herself off and tore all layers of her skin.  This is something you would honestly only read about in magazines, a real freak accidnet.

I couldn't take a detailed photo and this was as good as I could get without passing out!

As soon as I heard my daughter was hurt I was in hysterics and very inconsolable. If anything I felt I had let her down by not being there to protect her as she was with her Father- we are not together (but I will cover that in another post).

I raced as fast as I could to meet my little girl in the hospital, and as soon as I got there I realilsed she was in a very comfortable state as the ambulance had her on the green stick- almost like morphine.

My petal in a very comfy state

As soon as I walked in Hayley said to me; “Please don’t be angry at Dad it was an accident”!

I swear to the heavens above this girls thinks about EVERYONE except herself at the best of times; she has been on this planet before.

The Royal Children’s Hospital had no beds available and it was around 8pm when we got out, the accident happened around 2pm.  So they covered and cleaned the wound and sent us on our way.

For me, this meant a very sleepless night and a little girl who would not ever leave her Mother’s sight- it got to the point I followed her to the toilet to make sure she was ok.

My little girl after surgery and in high spirits. 

The next day we had to go back to the hospital where Hayley would go into surgery to have this wound properly cleaned and all stitched up. 

The wait time was nothing at all and they rushed Hayley through, as they felt bad for sending her home the night before in the condition she was in. This is also where I had to watch my baby go under an anaesthetic.  I know this had to be done but I was in tears that she had to go through what she was going through.

Again she is soo far from selfish, the last words she said was “ I love you

What the wound looked like after surgery.

Recovery was slow, it took 2 weeks in fact before she was able to go back to school- but this Monday just gone was her first day back.

Once the dressing was off.

Hayley stopped me in my tracks and had me running to the toilet to bawl my eyes out, as I HAD to be strong for her and couldn’t show my pain and sorrow in front of her. The most beautiful words left her mouth: “Mum. I am glad this happened to me and not you, as I would never want you to feel this kind of pain. It hurts soo bad!!”

Lessons learnt, I have now found out that no matter what kids will be kids and accidents happen- end of story!!