REVIEW // Crayola Color Wonder // NUFFNANG

That moment when I sit down on the couch during naptime and tune into Orange is The New Black.   Get starts getting into the juicy parts and all of a sudden my Mummy senses begin tingling, just like Spider man but I don’t need to do a quick outfit change.

So I decide I better go and check on Little Miss M. I am not the type that will stay in the girls room until they fall asleep, I will let them fall asleep on their own accord.

I knew when I started walking down the hallway and saw that the girls bedroom door had been shut that bad news was waiting behind there. Once I reached their door I took some time to just listen and see if I could hear anything from the other side of the door- silence.. Could this have been a false alarm? Doubt it.

So when I opened the door I saw a little Miss M sitting right behind the door, looking at me like she had just been busted robbing the local convenient store, with some beautiful new tattoos that I like to call ink (ironic) and then to top it off Picasso must have come through the window and drawn a lovely art piece on the wall and left again.

This picture was missing something though; it needed a date and signature at the bottom. I could feel the blood beginning to boil in my veins as I had only recently painted this room. But just as quickly as I felt my blood boil I felt the urge to burst into hysterics because this is only something you would read in magazines.

Luckily this was only on the white wall so bleach could be used to remove the “art”. But ever since this ordeal nothing other then a crayon or pencil has been aloud in her hot little hands.

That was until I was approached by Nuffnang to try out a product from Crayola- Color Wonder.

On the packaging their main push is that this pack contains all you need for mess free colouring. I was skeptical and thought that there was no such thing as “mess free” when it came to markers.

The look on Miss M’s face when the market sat in her hand for the first time, it was like she had found the missing puzzle piece to her Frozen puzzle. She also took the time to look up at me to see if was ok to be using this.

Miss H was right in on the action and opened up the second packet, she is much like me so went with the Ninja Turtles. Miss M (of course) decided she wanted to draw in the Disney Frozen book.

Color Wonder Disney Frozen $RRP 13.99

Color Wonder Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - $RRP 13.99

When I opened the marker for Miss M, I was surprised to see a white tip- even drawing on my hand to see what would happen; nothing.

So then I handed the marker back to Miss M almost certain that the colour that would come from this marker would be light and nothing like using a normal marker.

I have learnt to keep my assumptions silent as I am almost always proved wrong with things I am sent and these colours were rich and unlike any other marker I had seen before.

As my stomach sank I asked Miss M to draw a line on the wall, she actually nodded her head to tell me hell no! But after persuading her and explaining that these markers won’t go on the wall, but no to ever draw on the wall just to see if these were for real. And low and behold- nothing! There was absolutely nothing on the wall and Miss M shouted “NOTHING!!”

The special ink in Color Wonder Markers, developed by Crayola scientists, is clear on most surfaces, yet each marker 'magically' shows up a different color on Color Wonder Paper

Very impressed and will be taking these on road trips, airplane trips and pretty much anywhere now as there is no mess to be had.

We are heading to Tasmania in August so I think it is only fitting that I go out and buy the entire collection for the 13 hours there and back as a boredom buster!

I would recommend these to anybody who has lets say a Messy artist or even those who are not really, these Crayola Color Wonders are the stuff!!

Good job Crayola, and more then anything thank you for introducing marker colouring back into Miss M’s life!