YUMTABLE // Kyma St Kilda // REVIEW

I think going out for dinner will never be the same anymore thanks to Yumtable
Often going out to dinner can be a mammoth decision and sometimes can result in domestic disputes haha- you know the whole “You Choose, I don’t mind” “No I am easy and don’t mind” “You never choose” “ I chose last time” “ If it is so hard to pick somewhere then we wont go out, simple!!” 
Yumtable has turned this debarkle on its head, with an easy to navigate website with all the hottest places in (and out) of town to eat. The site is way too easy to use, all you do is put in the town/postcode or restaurant you want to eat at, whether you want breakfast, lunch or dinner and then Yumtable will find places that have available seating. 
For me this is like heaven on the Internet, as I HATE ringing multiple places to find out if there are seats available. That is one of the main reasons I don’t like going out as I cant stand being put on hold, out through to this department and then to find out there is nothing- stressful stuff with kids screaming for your attention in the background. 
Saturday I decided it was time to give Yumtable a run for its money and see what all the hype was about. 
Upon jumping on the website I found some places offered a discount off your bill if you book through Yumtable, which I found pretty handy. 
Then we had to pick a place to eat at with the family, we ended up deciding we wanted a banquet style meal and that our tastebuds were longing for some Greek inspired food.
Our first choice was Hellenic Republic in Brunswick as it has been a place we have wanted to eat at for a very long time (that and the fact I am a HUGE Masterchef fan). But there were only 1 person seating available and for a family of 4 I didn’t think this would work haha. 
So we had to broaden our searches and found some little Greek gems on Yumtable, but settled for Kyma in St Kilda as I thought it would be nice to take the girls for a walk on the beach- little did I know the weather and wind was out to get us that night. 
So with a click of a button (literally) our table was booked and we were ready to go for the night.  It doesn’t cost a thing at all to use the Yumtable service and it is so quick and simple to use ( I think even my Grandma who hates technology could use this).
The family and I were given the opportunity to also try out the UBER taxi’s, which we have caught before. But decided we would take ourselves there as we had the two girls and their car seats. 
6:30pm we arrived at the beautiful Kyma, and decided we would rather escape the hustle and bustle of inside and sit in the heated outside area. 
The staff were on hand for our every need and were very accommodating, it was lovely to have them come to you for a change rather then having to call them out to come to you! 
Then there was the food, what we had all been waiting for. We ordered the Kyma Banquet, which would allow our tastebuds to indulge in some beautiful Greek flavours and have me try food I have never tried. 
Here are some snaps of what the restaurant served up for us. I left there with a very full belly and this was a great early Mother’s Day treat! 

I would definitely recommend using Yumtable for Mother’s Day next year, or even for Father’s Day coming up, as you wont need to ring around endlessly and can find a table with a click of your mouse- or iPhone as the site is also mobile friendly. 
*Yumtable did gift me this experience but in no way would this differ my opinion on the service or give a biased review.