REVIEW // Baby Bumkins Baby Wipes

There is one person (well thing) that has had my back all the way through Motherhood! It has helped me through poo explosions, spaghetti fights, pen on the couch, makeup mishaps and the list literally could go on FOREVER- but I will spare you the details.

This Mother’s knight in shining armour, or more like plastic covering would be none other then a packet (or a box) of Baby wipes!!

Dead set when you become a Mother you may as well looking at buying shares in baby wipes, as you will spend a mini fortune on them but couldn’t spend a day without them; very much a love hate relationship.

In our house (well car, bags and just about around ever corner) you will find a stash of baby wipes, even now my kiddies aren’t babies anymore.

Baby wipes start from even before kiddies for some like myself. Coming in handy when doing your make-up!

But for most they are one of the first things along with nappies you buy when getting up the duff, and then will continue using them right up to primary school! I still use them on my grade one little girl while we are out as almost all children were given the magical power of making a great mess of themselves. 

A brand of wipes that has recently made it into my little mitts is Baby Bumkins.

I am not going to lie before being approached I had never actually heard of this brand, and tend to stick to the ones I know.  There is also a good reason why I haven’t heard of these and that is due to the fact that they were only recently launched into the Aussie market (IGA to be specific).

For me sticking to those I trust came from an experience when I first had Hayley; so almost 7 years ago. I was changing her first nappy as you do, and it was that horrid black one ( I know all Mummies and Daddies out there know EXACTLY the one I am talking about) and as I went to wipe with fancy smelling wipes my two fingers went straight through the wipe and low and behold my fingers were greeted by a BIG mess!! It had me gagging and scrambling to the bathroom, which is quite hard right after having a baby, may I add! This is what started my mission (and spent my other halves life savings haha) to buy every single wipe my supermarket had to find a wipe that was not only soft but also VERY strong!

So this was the first test these wipes underwent while in my hot little hands, and I am happy to report that they pass with flying colours!

Some Mummies out there might like fragrance-free products or may not be able to use fragranced products, as their little ones are sensitive. But I have been blessed with cruisey (probably made from concrete) kids as nothing bothers them skin wise.  So if I go to the shops I am always going to reach for the lightly scented baby wipe. If you didn’t guess it already the lightly scented Baby Bumkins baby wipes are my preferred wipes!

Baby Bumkins have made your life easier when walking through the baby isle as well. If you wanted a non-fragranced product you just look for the yellow packet.

If you wanted fragrance that reminds me of newborn baby then you just look for the purple packaging- simple.

You know how I was talking about buying shares in baby wipes, the good thing about Baby Bumkins is you get pretty good value when you purchase them. To buy a pack of 80 soft, thick wipes this will only cost you around the $4 mark ($3.99 RRP actually)!  Or you have the option of buying bulk and getting three packs of 80 for $9.99.

For some of you a baby wipe is a baby wipe, but not for this Mummy J It has to be good quality and with stand those poopie situations and even withstand a eyeliner bingle.

Two thumbs up for the team behind Baby Bumkins, what a great addition to the baby wipes clan!

This wonderful product talk is brought to you by none other then one of my faves- Nuffnang and Baby Bumkins who is now a baby wipe fave of mine!