3B's Mummy Conquers Miss Muddy // REVIEW

Going into my first Miss Muddy in Melbourne I had butterflies of nerve in my stomach, as I didn’t know what to expect for my first ever obstacle course.. I didn’t know what lay ahead and how much running and strength I would need to get me through Miss Muddy. 

Winner Are Grinners! 

Cardio is not my strong point and running and me are not the best of friends that is for sure.  I didn’t do any training in the lead up to Miss Muddy and thought I would wing it and rather concentrate on what I will need to improve on for upcoming obstacle courses and then also for Stadium Stomp. 
On the starting line at 8:15am we warmed up a little, although this is not traditionally how I would warm up for a workout. My team were right by my side and without them I would have been a big ball of nerves and would recommend going as a team; it turned out to be so much fun and a great ab workout from all the laughter. 
It took a little while before we were at our first obstacle but when we got there they became quite consistent, which was great- they made it really fun and gave you a chance to get your breath back. 
One thing I did notice though is you need to be good in the upper strength as the legs weren’t really used as much as I would have thought, which is my strong point. 

My favourites from the Miss Muddy obstacle course were the novelty things like the foam tunnel- which is about 15meters of bubble bath foam. 
The Colour cannons were not what I expected as I pictured running through and being blasted with colour not being put in front of cannons and sprayed with pink and purple paint. This isn’t to say that it was loads of fun though, and the suspense of not knowing when you were getting sprayed or what to expect was awesome. 

Colour Cannon Before
Colour Cannon During
Colour Cannon After

Another thing for me that I loved was the ice baths, which was one of the things I thought at the start I would dread the most and even doubted I would be able to even go through with it. They took my team by surprise as they were very well hidden right before the mud. I just went straight in without a second thought. I got through the first ice bath and then somehow needed to get into the second, this was harder as I didn’t fully submerge myself like in the first and was more crawling on hands and knees. I loved pushing my body to its limits as Winter is my least favourite season because of the cold, and knowing I conquered my fear was a great feeling. 

No way known was I going to do this half arsed, it was a dive in and taking in that ice bath the best I could.
Brain Freeze and all! 

Then there was the mud, this was soo much fun and we were one of the first groups to go through this so it wasn’t extremely muddy and more rocky and sandy then not. This of course was the perfect op for the team and I to stop for a mud fight ( and even found a little wormy in the muddy mess)!
Action Shot getting up on my feet after commando crawling through the mud.

I didn’t know how good of a shape my body was in until completing this course and I even felt like I would be more then happy to do it all again right afterwards.

Miss Muddy is a great entry-level obstacle course and is suitable for even the most unfit of people. You aren’t point deducted if you cannot do a certain obstacle, not even frowned upon. In our case a team member couldn’t do a certain obstacle but we still cheered them on and pumped them up anyway. 

I cannot wait for the next Miss Muddy  and I am even thinking about skipping state and trying it out again in another state; Miss Muddy Nationals haha.  I will be signing on for the Creswick Miss Muddy in December- hopefully with the team by my side again and trying out a different location. 
If you are in Sunshine Coast, Townsville, Sydney, Canberra and Adelaide; be prepared for Miss Muddy to land there very soon and I encourag
It was a great feeling having an amazing team by my side :-) Thanks ladies!! 

 EVERY lady out there to sign up and take a dive (in mud or ice) and have a load of fun while doing it!! 

To see the dates and register for Miss Muddy in your state just head to : http://www.missmuddy.com.au/locations/  

NOTE- I apologise for this post taking so long to get up, it was out of my control as I had to wait for the hi-res images to come through; but hey it was worth the wait right? 

Big ups to the team at 1Life Images for their great coverage of Miss Muddy Melbourne, they were everywhere and snapping great action shots of the whole event!