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FITNESS JOURNEY// Snap Fitness Epping

Tuesday, 5 May 2015
I don’t live in the gym and the gym doesn’t rule my life that is for sure. But knowing I have more fun runs, obstacle courses and fitness based things coming up then I can count on my two hands I have decided its time to pump the iron again and get my strength back up. Cardio and general fitness I still do at home and with my girls, I don’t believe in spending hours on the treadmill when I can get the same thing at a park while the girls play. 

I will begin going for an hour and half three times a week and continue to do yoga in my rest days- of course when the family are all tucked into bed.  The gym where I will be doing all my hard work at is my local Snap Fitness Epping. 


Upon walking in the door I knew this had a different vibe from my previous gym and was so much more laid back, and well.. not full of meat heads (sorry boys)! I am not the one who is going to go to a same sex gym as those things don’t bother me, the only thing that peeves me off is weight area hogs- and this didn’t have any I could see- but loads of equipment to share anyway. 

Snap Fitness Epping is also 24hr with manned times where staff members and PT’s are there and then unmanned times where you use your access card to get in and then workout at your own leisure whenever you like. 

My main strengths are in my legs, so I think it might be time to build my core and expose those abs that have been hiding away under my blanket of (body fat) yup I said it! And then I will also work on my upper body strength and improve definition all over. 

I want to be in tiptop condition for Stadium Stomp, which is 11 weeks away. This give me more then enough time to train and prepare myself for the obstacles that lie ahead. 


Didn’t have me as nervous as I had first thought it would, as my PT Casey was so welcoming and really pushed me without breaking me. I have had a bad PT experience which put me off having my own PT, and even had me complete my cert 3&4 in fitness to learn how to do it all myself.  

We focused on my goal of getting ready for the Stadium Stomp in July, where I will be conquering 7,300+ steps at the MCG! So I worked out on my legs, my core, cardio and then some steps to break things up a little. 


This is not the last you will hear of Snap Fitness Epping and I will be keeping an update on my body progress, showing my darkest times and hopefully a brand new me. 

I don’t want to be super fit, it isn’t what I am after. But I do want to be healthy and happy in the skin I have to live in forever. 


I want to help spread the word to all women, especially Mum’s out there that you can do it! If I can do it, I know every Mumma out there can!! 

It is hard for some to picture your self in a gym and I know for me before I started gym
I envisioned going and having people stare at me and judge me because of my body- but this wasn’t the case at all. I quickly learnt that when you head into gym, you become enclosed in your own little world and switch off to the world around you, only focusing and listening to your body. 

After having two kids my body has done some weird and whacky things, but I have also punished it with being a couch potato and junk food crazy lady in the past. That has all changed in the last year, and it isn’t a word of lie that if you stick to something for 21 days it actually does become a habit. 


I won’t lie the main reason I starting heading to the gym again is because this year is going to be my year of obstacle courses/races, fun run and charity fitness events. I don’t want to be marathon fit, but I do need to maintain a certain level of strength and fitness or my body just won’t cope!



I would absolutely love for you to join me on my body and wellness transformation, and of course share your lovely inspirational stories. After all it is the stories of others that help me inspire to change and become a better me. 


For the month of May, Epping Snap Fitness is celebrating Mum’s for Mother’s Day and treating them to a no obligation, FREE 7-day gym pass and free semi-private PT session!

If I can train in a gym then any Mother out there can do it, bite the bullet and try it out- I promise it isn’t bad at all!

So Mummy, what are you waiting for?!

Thanks Snap Fitness Epping for putting me under your wing and believing in me. 

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