REVIEW // Giaan by Spalding Performance // Target

Going to the gym or keeping fit is one thing, but looking good while doing it is another.  No I am not talking about going to the gym looking like your ready for the Logies or with a face full of makeup- but rather the wardrobe department. 
I have quite a few luxury high-end gym pieces in my wardrobe, that seem to be forever growing, but I also love affordable clothing. For me growing up, we were not the wealthiest of families and usually got no big name branded things, so for us it has never really been about the brand or the logo we wear, but a lot of the times these days you really do get what you pay for- this is not always the case as I found out with this (newish) beautiful brand! 

So when I got invited quite a little while back now to the Target Fashion Show for the VAMFF to see their newest clothing lines from Danii Minogue and Giaan Rooney I was quite ecstatic. 
I’ve met Giaan Rooney at a couple of blogger related events now and instantly fell in love with her beautiful personality- so down to Earth and very relatable. To know she had teamed up with Target and Spalding to bring a lady dedicated sportswear line to their collections was more then exciting. 
I have quite a few races and obstacle courses coming up that entitle me to getting muddier the Murray Rive 4x4 track, and that means my clothes need to be thrown out afterwards- unless I want to sport almost vintage like, brown tinted clothing (no thanks). 
So to run these courses in my expensive clothes is almost idiotic as it means they will no longer be used after that day. I had to find clothes that I could afford to get dirty, just in case there wasn’t a chance I could wear them again. 
Going to the gym shouldn’t be about getting in your baggiest, ugliest clothes in my opinion. As you are going into the gym to make yourself a better you, to improve your appearance, to loose weight, to get lean and the list goes on- don’t hide under a baggy tee. 
This is where Giaan by Spalding comes into play, the palette for starters is beautiful and right up my alley. And I tried just about every single piece on in the change rooms to decide on my favourite three (this was bloody hard)!! 
In the end it came down to three pieces, which would make an outfit. 
Giaan by Spalding Vertex Fold Down Shorts- $25 (link)

Giaan by Spalding Vertex Crop Top Aqua Stripe- $25 (link

Giaan by Spalding Vertex Mesh Back Top- $35 (link)

I can happily say I would wear these to an obstacle course and if need be replace them as not one piece cost me over $35- yup $35!!! 
I was also really happy to see Giaan by Spalding had a Yoga range as this is something I have been into for quite some time now and find it my escape from reality in a way. 
Giaan by Spalding’s fabric is also right up there with the best of the best, and I have been wearing them non-stop since purchasing and there doesn’t seem to be any seems separating (especially in the groin area as I love my squats and sumo squats).  I have also noticed that when I sweat in a Bikram Yoga session the sweat patches quickly dry, which is something I didn’t get with my more expensive sportswear. 
In the gym I have been asked twice where I got my crop top from, as they loved the pattern and design. 
And for those who are very brand conscious and only like being seen in the best of the best then you will also like this range as there is no branding splashed all over it and even what is, it can be easily hidden! 
The Yoga range is the next on my shopping list, which may I add keeps getting longer and longer every day (almost caught up to the bible I think)!
Before trying out and being asked to give the Giaan by Spalding a go, I would have never thought to go find sportswear in a department store like Target- but now I will skip the high end and start shopping around (this also means for the same price I pay for a pair of sports tights I can get a whole outfit)!!! WINNING