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Back in the teens, I used to live of soft drink and thought my body was a magic fat burning machine, and didn’t have to worry at all about my diet. But this was such a bad attitude to have because as I have become older my body is feeling those repercussions now.. I know as soon as crack open a can of lemonade I know that I have to work an extra half an hour at the gym to keep it off.
But my life is all about balance and I know how to keep it real with my diet and add the right balance, after all you only live once.
One thing I have learnt to love, which I would never go near in high school, is water. I don’t think as a child I was given water and my Mum would give us cordial and soft drink a lot of the time.
When I got really sick a couple of years ago, I realised how much damage not hydrating my body with water was. It was only then I forced myself to drink water and then even learnt to love it.
After drinking bottled water I experimented a little with soda water to see how it was and how I would go drinking it. At first I couldn’t stand the taste and it wasn’t something I could see myself drinking and in now way possible would it beat lemonade.
Like everything I am willing to persist and hope and pray it grows on me. I later on discovered that it wasn’t the sugar in the lemonade I was craving but the bubbles! My fridge now doesn’t go a day without having a bottle of soda water in it and the kids are slowly taking a liking to it, although they are a long way off loving it.
It is a little scary for me though, going to my mums house and drinking their water as they live in the country and it smells like dirt. Then at my sisters house it smells extremely bad of chlorine, which makes me think what actually is in a glass of water from the tap?
I used to have a filtered water bottle but it didn’t do anything for me as I had issue with their filters.
So when As Dew Water came to me with their water bottles I welcomed them with open arms.
Do you know that our tap water pH is good and safe enough for drinking in Melbourne?
I am sure you do, but in the same time, do you know the pipes that are used to deliver the water are rusty and claim to have been there since WW1?
This rust though doesn't have much impact on the pH level but it introduces lead, chlorine and waterborne disease to the water. That is why most of us install a water filtration system in our homes; which I believe you probably have one in your home too.  But the filtration system is not only filtering the lead and chlorine, it is also decreasing the pH level which make the water which makes the water acidic and therefore corrosive.
So the question now is how do we sustain the pH level to 7 and below 8 but at the same time eliminating the lead and chlorine?
That is where As Dew water bottle comes to the picture.
Besides increasing the pH level

I like these bottles although I was a little weirded out when they arrived to me with dew drops in them already, but I figured it is something needed with the filter or something.

The other thing I would have to add, even though it does mention this on the little instruction booklet is the fact you get small particles of charcoal in your water. I would suggest they make the filter maybe have smaller holes, or even the charcoal in the filter be larger so it cannot go into the water. Although totally safe to drink, I personally don’t like little chunky pieces in my water- I like it pure. 

Other then this though the bottle is great, and if it benefits me like it claims I am all for it J

It doesn’t make the water taste or smell any differently, but I do have to pop ice cubes in there rather then putting my bottle in the freezer though. 
There are a few different varieties in the bottles, and I love every single one of them.
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