Miss Muddy Melbourne

Miss Muddy is something I have had my eye on for quite some time now, and I am happy to say this year I will be making this happen and getting my backside into gear.

Since having kids I have always been happy with my body, and was quite blessed to have not received any scars or stretch mark with both kids. I have always been one to love my body no matter how it looks, or how different it may be. But when the weight started coming on after having kids I knew things needed to change and a healthy lifestyle was on the cards.

I started going to gym every single day for three hours and quickly learnt that it wasn’t the lifestyle for me. I learnt that life should be all about balance and there is plenty of ways to fit in a workout out of the gym and with my kids.

So when I learnt that Miss Muddy was coming to Melbourne in 2015 this was another great opportunity to involve the kids in the fit and healthy lifestyle by getting them along to Obstacool while I ran the Miss Muddy course.

I am very lucky to have an amazing group of ladies around me that were more then happy to jump on board with the Miss Muddy for a little fun and a trial to the Stadium Stomp.

Miss Muddy is very much entry level compared to the Stadium Stomp where our bodies are going to have to push through over 7,000 steps and endure a world of pain they have never known.

Miss Muddy is kind of like a Tough Mudder only a lot less physically challenging and designed for women only, which I think is fantastic. One thing I cannot stand is a testosterone-fuelled gym where you know all eyes are on you while you try and keep to yourself.

So being surrounded by like-minded women gives me a great sense of comfort and having my team support me is an even greater sense of comfort.

During Miss Muddy  we will be subject to getting down and dirty in mud- after all it is in the name.

Obstacles in which you don’t have to take if you don’t think you can do it, meaning this course is all about the fun and not about pushing you to boundaries your body just isn’t capable of.

Colour- Every girls needs some colour in their life, and this part reminds me of The Colour Run! Walking out of Miss Muddy looking like a rainbow is number one on my life that is for sure J

Foam- Sounds like the most time consuming leg of the course as I can just picture my team and I prancing around having a jolly time forgetting there is even a finish line! Miss Muddy is a great team building experience for women and I know this will bring the team closer before s*#t gets serious with the Stadium Stomp.

Miss Muddy takes me back to my childhood days where getting into a kinder seat was an obstacle, splashing some colour on the page with my muddy hands and then finishing the piece of artwork off with some foam stamps!

What I want to bring out of Miss Muddy is the fact life doesn’t have to be a challenge and you really need to have fun with it. I want to prove to myself that I can get through just about anything that gets thrown at me wearing a smile (and of course coloured like a rainbow, we cant forget the rainbow now can we)!

Miss Muddy isn’t just Melbourne based either and is a nation wide thing visiting plenty of other locations around Australia. See the website at missmuddy.com.au for a full list of upcoming event locations.

I hope to see you on the 12th of April in Springvale for a world of fun, while keeping fit!

To find out more and of course register for this not to be missed Women’s only event, head to the link below. Unfortunatley though, registration for Melbourne is now closed but I would recommend getting in early for the following states.

To register the kids, head to www.obstacool.com.au. Obstacool is for boys and girls aged 5 to 12.