Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show

Usually my posts consist of a lot of keyboard punching to the point I am not sure if it would even interest my viewers as there is so much writing- thanks imagination and fingers! 
But this time I thought I would mix it up a little and let the photos do the talking, as they will do the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show so much more justice then my fingers.

I like to focus on certain angles when it comes to expo's and especially when I bring my girls along, so I thought I would touch base on what the kids thought and how child friendly the show was. 
Ok, maybe I can’t help myself but I do want to touch base and let you know my thoughts on the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Expo as it was my first- although I won’t write as much as I would usually write. 
I walked away very inspired after the MIFGS this year, and also with arms full of plant to pop into my garden when I got home. 
I really didn’t know what to expect when attending the MIFGS and to be completely honest if I wasn’t gifted these it isn’t something I would have looked to buy tickets to or anything either. But I am glad I broadened my horizons and took the plunge to head to this show with the girls. 
They loved being able to see all the flowers and pretty garden set ups and even asked a couple of times if we could make our garden like that- I wish! Some of these set ups were stunning and it is such a shame they are temporary and were ripped down as soon as the show was over. 
Ok, I promise I will shush now and immerse you in sensational photos from the event- thanks to my Nikon DSLR of course. ( I accidentally deleted all of my amazing photos from the expo and only managed to find ones of the girls in it, idiot!!) So here is what I scrapped up. 

There was face painting. 

                                                      Hayley's face painting with frangipanis. 
Madison's tinker bell face painting.

There was a Disney area for kids with Tinkerbell mini golf and Jake and the Neverland Pirates play area. 
The girls creating a sword with their fairy friend.

Hayley and Madison also got to hold little chicks and it was so hard to get them away from it all.
Both of the girls with the chook chooks
Kisses for the little chick

So gentle with the little chicks.

A beautiful tribute to our fallen soldiers. 
More of the tribute
Hayley loved these hilarious cockies and had her almost in tears.