{LAUNCH} Annabel Karmel’s Ready Meals

Usually I am on the ball with everything to do with my blog, but I have been gobsmacked with how popular the blogging world has become and especially my blog! The response I have received has been phenomenal and all my hard, genuine work is beginning to pay off. 

This leads me to my next post and introducing you all to a beautiful lady who paid a brief visit to the land down under to release her new line of Frozen Baby and Children’s food. I was VERY lucky to have been invited along to this launch/preview, and still pinch myself knowing I was sitting across the table from none other then my favourite Mumpreneur Annabel Karmel. 
Zoe Foster-Blake and myself (enjoying a champers of course).

I have lived off two of Annabel Karmel’s books for quite some time now: Quick and Easy Toddler recipes and Annabel’s Family Cookbook- my personal all time favourite. 
Everyone by now would know how much I love being in my kitchen cooking foods from scratch for my precious family and making things nutritious and healthier. 

So to have Annabel Karmel on the same page as me (almost quite literally) was great, and to be sitting down to lunch with her was even better.
The freezer is not exactly where you would go to look for baby food. You usually head straight for the baby food isle and grab the jars/packs that have over a years worth of shelf life to them. As Annabel explained why do adults get the most healthiest delicious foods, and little ones that are growing and developing get spoon fed processed food with god only knows what in it. 
I won’t lie with Hayley I was one of these Mum’s and everything was off the shelf or from the packet. But as my passion for food becoming bolder I realised they didn’t deserving to be eating something I wasn’t willing to eat myself. So with Madison my second daughter everything changed and I learnt to cook baby friendly foods from scratch and freeze them.

Annabel and her team came up with a great idea to create fresh baby food and freeze them, locking in all the freshness and goodness. There are many different varieties to the Ready Made Range. 

There are many different packs designed for different ages or stages in which your child would be at with their food. 
It starts from the 1st stage, which includes purees and a lot more fruity foods. And goes up until Stage four, which is aimed at children 4 years and older.
 I love the easy to use packaging and the pop out servings is great.  Looks like an ice cube tray and you just pop the servings out and defrost as you need. 

It is so hard to judge how much each child will eat and I know a lot of the time food in the jars and packs would go to waste as I would have to open another one just for a little extra at meal time and the rest would go into the bin. 
To find out more from Annabel Karmel’s Ready Meals range you can head to: http://www.annabelkarmel.com/au/shop/meals-for-babies-children
My little Miss was sent home with some goodies to try, and to me it looks like they get her tick of approval. I cant wait for baby number three to be able to feed them these delicious meals- if I don’t eat them first that is haha.