CLEAN EATS// Tilda Rice Review

In Winter we incorporate a lot of rice dishes into the weekly menu, as it is so easy to match with just about anything. And pairing it up wasn’t easy enough, I take an even bigger shortcut; buying the microwavable rice packs. Meals are now cooked in Jamie Oliver style 15 mintues. 
I used to buy my brown rice microwave packs from ALDI as they only cost just upward from $1. But since trying TILDA rice packs, this has changed and I love their variety that includes super foods. 

The benefits of keeping the Tilda Steamed rice in the cupboard is they last a very long time, quick to whip up and are super delicious. 
They are also: 
·      Ready in 2 minutes in the microwave but can also be stir fried in just 4 mintues. 
·      Gluten Free
·      Free from any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.
The family and I have three standout favourites and pair these with chicken, beef, tofu and just about anything including a special fried rice. 
Coconut Basmati-   Being half kiwi I am obsessed with all things coconut and have had it in most of my food since being a little Erin. I cook coconut rice from scratch but get frustrated at how long it takes to cook and getting it just right. 
I have turned into a Mum this year that wants to be in and out of the kitchen as quick as possible, with meals that are quick to whip up. 
I love cooking a coconut soy chicken and pouring it on top of a cup full of rice, the family enjoys this as well- for us the more vegetables the better. 
Garden Vegetable and quinoa- This is a Mummies secret weapon, the vegetables are invisible and the kids (well Hayley) doesn’t know any different being the picky child.  
Quinoa is an in thing right now and has many benefits. For me having a light nut allergy, I like being able to enjoy a nutty flavoured grain without getting the upset stomach. 
I like to keep this one for the heart beef or lamb dishes, mainly Indian or Asian inspired. I have tried this with butter chicken but it just doesn’t do it for me, it isn’t the right flavour for this dish. 
Brown Basmati and Quinoa- Ahh brown rice is like the soap in my shower; a MUST! I cannot go a week without including brown rice into a meal somewhere even if it means just as a side dish. 
In Summer I lived off this stuff and most that time found ways to eat it cold- as the Summer days don’t suit hot meals. 
I love the combination of having my two favourite grains in the one pack, which saves me from cooking quinoa and rice separately and having to mix them in at the end. 

This Mummy cannot talk up this range enough and I can almost guarantee you will thank me later for introducing you to range- hey and there is no need to scrub the pots afterwards, you just throw the packet away.
If you jump onto their website like I did when they first arrived in my hands I think even you will be shocked at how big their range of steamed rice is- I just counted 22 varieties and I am sure that will keep growing.. Don’t believe me, check it out for yourself: