Pest Free Pro

Ok this review isn’t exactly baby, beauty or body but it WILL protect baby against nasty traps and chemicals used to remove mice and roaches in the house. So it is a great piece of mind that the kids wont ever get hurt on a trap or be found eating bait. And your house/ or work place will be pest free!!

Plug-in Pest free®
            *Is 100% Australian: Patented and manufactured by an Australian family owned Company since 1995
           *Has received multiple Exporting Grants from the Australian Federal Government.
           *Has exported its product to numerous overseas countries since 1996.
           *Was a finalist and highly commended in the prestigious Australia Post Small Business of the year Awards.
*Is manufactured "lead free" assuring quality and reliability that meets global health and environment standards.

Plug-In Pest Free PRO Unit

Pest Free has launched a new product– The “Plug-In Pest Free PRO Unit”. Pest Free Australia Introduces another New and Exciting Product which has been Specifically Designed for Small Business and Large Homes. Pest Free Australia believes its new design will Revolutionize the way Small Businesses deal with their pest control over their normal use of ongoing expensive chemical treatments by pest controllers.

I was recently sent a Plug in pest free PRO unit. I will say firstly there has been no sign of any mice or rats and the droppings stopped in the first 3 days. I have two little kids and I cant think of anything worse then them mingling and touching things a dirty mouse or rat has touched.  Not to mention the little critters scare the gajebus out of me. We don’t like uninvited guests in our house and the pest free pro has made sure they don’t come anywhere near our house.

I do believe that this is the way to go, one your not using any chemicals or pesticides so the kids and family will never come in contact. And also after buying mouse traps and bait and even fly sprays and that for your cockroaches your probably going to spend close to what the price of the product is in the end. I am in love with this product and wish they were around when I was a kid. Because we always loved hunting down the traps at home and almost lost fingers. Very much worth every cent!!