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Four Cow Farm

Four Cow Farm was started by a Midwife, Mum & Grandmother who wanted to make creams and balms that were as good and natural as possible for her two little grandchildren (one of whom was born with eczema). Using her own time-tested recipes and traditional ingredients, Nanna’s labour of love began as a gift to her two little ones.
Today, the whole family (yes, dads included!) is committed to providing ‘nothing but the best’ handcrafted natural skincare products from our farm in the Blackall Mountain Range of South East Queensland (which runs on 100% green energy!). Learn more about Four Cow Farm.

100% Natural and Organic Ingredients


Baby Kit

A selection of our staple baby skincare products in one perfect package. The perfect gift for parents who want only the best natural skincare for their baby or if you’re new to Four Cow Farm, a great way to get introduced to our favourite products. All items come packed in our special Baby Kit cardboard pack which is recyclable and sturdy.
The Four Cow Farm Baby Kit contains:
1 x Baby Wash 125ml
1 x Baby Lotion 125ml
1 x Nappy Cream 125ml
1 x Baby Oil 125m

This kit is very much the perfect present for an expecting mum. I will be purchasing one for a friend’s baby shower in a few weeks, as I just love it so much!!
 The nappy cream I love, with castor oil and sunflower seed oil it provides a good deep barrier to little ones bum. I also really like the smell. It hydrates her poor bottom as well, which is always a bonus!!

The baby oil is a great alternative to your off the shelve baby oils. This one is natural and organic. It contains PURE cold pressed apricot, macadamia and almond oil as well as extra virgin oils with chamomile and rosemary! With all these really good ingredients the one thing I love is there is no smell. I was reading the ingredients and thought WOW this might be a clash overkill. But surprise mummy there was no smell at all. I add a few drops in the girl’s bath to add that extra hydration to their skin. I also use this for massaging the girls and just as a moisturiser for Madison’s head as it gets dry.

The baby wash, where do I start with this beauty?…. My daughters at times can have really sensitive skin and then at times it can just really dry out with the wrong products. But I think because this wash has pure premium cold pressed olive oil, not only does it clean their skin it keeps it silk smooth and just a pleasure to touch and feel. Nothing better then that baby skin feel!! There is no smell with this wash either you can smell the light olive oil smell but that’s about it!!

I have a secret… I use the baby lotion on my own skin!! I have never met a lotion for adults as good and gentle as this. After shaving my legs tend to absolutely sting when applying lotion, but if I don’t they dry out really bad. So I thought I would try this little beauty and it worked a treat!! I love this and will be keeping it stocked up. There is a light scent to this one but I cant put my finger on what exactly. It could be the almond or apricot oil or the rosemary, or all of the above. All I know is this is great and I do love it!!! I forgot to mention how amazing your skin and babies skin feels after using this. It’s so light and far from oily. It works in all the right ways!!

Nappy Balm

A 100% natural protective balm made from Beeswax and Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Castor and Macadamia Oils, with the natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of Organic Tea Tree Pure Essential Oil. Castor Oil is chosen for its anti-inflammatory actions and Macadamia Oil for its rich, moisturising properties. Perfect for soothing inflamed or itchy skin.

The smell of tea tree floods your nose when using this.  This is a good preventer of nappy rash and it does keep the bum protected. But if I were to choose I would be sure to choose the nappy cream. I did use this balm on mozzie bites ( the terrible things) and it did stop the itch almost instantly. Tea tree is great for many uses, so you can use this balm for more then just the bum.!!

Calendula Remedy

A rich, emollient balm for soothing inflamed or irritated skin. Can be used on skin affected by eczema, hives, bites or contact dermatitis or for calming minor cuts, scrapes or bruises.
With known anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties, Calendula has been used for centuries as an excellent soother for a variety of skin irritations. Made with 80% Organic Calendula-Infused Olive Oil, with the added beneficial properties of Vitamin E and Organic Roman Chamomile, this balm contains no added fragrances or colourings, retaining Calendula’s rich, natural smell and colour.

This is a must have for all mummies baby bags and even handbags!! This remedy can take away that real sting from a cut or graze. It also helps stop the sting of a bite. Madison gets a patch of eczema on her back and I apply this as soon as it shows up, and it stops her from itching as well as really hydrating that spot, and getting rid of that rough sandpaper feel!! I also use this on my eldest daughter and my own lips as it doubles as a fantastic lip balm J

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