Olay all day!

Here I was thinking Olay was just for older people…. But how wrong was I!!!! I LOVE the Olay Complete with a touch of foundation!! The foundation used in Olay complete is Max Factor, so another brand we know and trust!!  I love knowing that I have protection from the sun while covering up them annoying blemishes, but not a full on pore blocking cover!! When its on you wouldn’t even know you were wearing anything. When I think of sun protection I think oily, shiny and just plain yuck!! But Olay Complete just soaks into your skin and that’s it, no need to powder or anything!! I also love the smell; it’s the real Olay trademark smell.    This a great little pump tube to throw in the hand bag for anytime of the day or even night!! 

Olay Complete UV Defense Moisturisers give your skin a complete balance of moisturising ingredients and essential vitamins and extracts—plus UVA and UVB protection. Its lightweight formulas provide intense, highly absorbent moisture to replenish your skin, keeping it soft and beautiful all day long.