WARNING POST CONTAINS TOO MUCH INFORMATION AND COVERS A TABOO TOPIC! Don’t say I didn’t warn you, I wont be holding back- never do.

Most guys love them, every female has one, but nobody likes talking about the taboo subject of Vaginas. But I’m here to break all the rules and talk about all things Vajayjay.

In this day and age the answer to most of our questions if not all can be found at our fingertips online. And I have often found myself on Dr.Google seeing what disease or why something was happening with my body, nine times out of ten I was dying- but hey, that’s another story.

I’m sure if not certain from one time or another the down stairs region isn’t working like it once was, or something just wasn’t quite right.

For a lot of women this generally happens after childbirth and can be the result of many contributions, like it hurts, or is dry, is tender or you are just exhausted and trying to adjust with baby with no time to spread the legs like most men want.

There are so many things I know I didn’t know about the vagina, until I attended an event with Vagasil and Dr Ginni Mansfeld who’s starred on Embarrassing Bodies (practically the Vagina dictionary and has an abundance of knowledge when it comes to the topic).

I want to let you all know about some things I found out as well as the key message- Gynaecologists/Doctors are there to talk to you about any concerns you may have about your vagina and its ok to talk about them.

Ok, to start thing off with a couple of DON’T’s:

DO NOT Use smelly fragranced body washes and soaps on your vagina. Your vagina is a very technical place and much like a tropical fish tank has to have a perfect PH (acidic) level to keep the fish alive and healthy. Once you come in and destroy that, this is where you will have problems.

The vagina is a clever organ and is self-cleaning (maybe this is where the term pussy comes from, as they are also self cleaning and most hate being washed).

DO NOT douche…
Can’t say I have ever in my life douched my giney, but I do know of some girls that do as they think it will help the smell or cleanliness of the vagina. When really you are just damaging it more and making things for your vagina worse and it has to know work to repair and restore.

There is such thing as too much cleaning when it comes to down there, 4ml’s of discharge is an average per day. Yup your vagina is continually cleaning and making it a habitual environment for baby making and all the things it was designed for. So if you need to wear a panty liner do it, I do on the daily changing them three times a day- no shame here (just a little OCD).

One of the most common problems with women’s vagina, which will lead to further problems both personally and sexually, is Vaginal Dryness.  22% of Australian women aged 15+ years experience vaginal dryness- one in four!

Some of the common causes include hormone imbalances, stress, menopause, intimacy, exercise and certain medications.

There are products out there, and one I have tried personally and love- Vagisil.

But I am sure we have all had the times where you go through check out with something embarrassing in the basket with your head down, praying they don’t judge or ask questions making sure not to make eye contact.

So for me, even now these products have been taboo and not something you would openly ask for. And I would to a certain degree try to avoid male checkout clerks in-case they judge my dry vagina :p

Having said all this the packaging is quite approachable and without actually reading the small writing you wouldn’t even know what it was.

Then the supermarket heavens created self-serve checkouts, which is a blessing in disguise for these kinds of purchases and luckily the Vagisil range is available in Coles and Woolworths (with self serve checkouts) along with Chemist warehouse, Priceline Pharmacy and more.


Vagisil ProHydrate Plus Internal Hydrating Gel 5g each applicator

My initial thoughts of this product was not the greatest as I didn’t like the thought of shoving some cream into my vagina, and then not being able to leave the house in fear of it oozing out (TMI, warned you) … Not cool. But for review purposes I bit the bullet, had a panty liner on hand and after showering (without using smelly soap) I inserted the easy to use applicator (in the privacy of my home) and used the treatment, which lasts for up to three days.

Vagisil ProHydrate Plus External Hydrating Gel 30g

For me this is my product of choice. I shower every day so for me it makes sense when moisturising to moisturise the V-jayjay. So I just apply the cream to the outer and go about my daily dos. I have recently started using this after my night time shower as I find it a little more comfortable to jump into bed instead of walking around with the product on.

So ladies, it is something that is with you for life and will more then likely need many years of use for child bearing or pleasure reasons so now more then ever it is important to take care of you vagina’s.

And if you have any concerns do go see your Doctor or a Gynaecologist who has studied in the field and is more then experienced with almost everything there is to know about vaginas – and nothing will be new to them.