HEALTH// Dry July ~ Alcohol Free July

No I don’t have liver disease, No I’m not allergic to yeast and NO I am not pregnant. Since when did I live in a world where I need an excuse not to drink? I am not broken and drinking these days doesn’t do too much for me.  I JUST DON’T WANT TO DRINK ALCOHOL!

Two things that are common in almost every single person reading this lives- alcohol (because who doesn’t like a few- or plenty of glasses of booze) and Cancer, which sadly affects almost every one of us.

I have taken the plunge and signed up for Dry July, which will see me alcohol free for a whole month. And this will include a hurdle because my engagement party is in July along with family 21st,18th and even a 30th in there. So even though every one around me will be drinking I will swap my glass for lemonade, Sodastream mocktail- or red raspberry to add some crazy to the party (go hard or go home right). 

For those who need a pass to drink though you can purchase a golden ticket for $25, which goes straight back to charity. A friend can also purchase this for you if they really want you to drink at an event or what not.

But for me, I see this as - those living with Cancer don't have options they just have to live with it, and I can more then strive and survive without drinking alcohol.

And annoys me is the fact that when I say no to a glass of bubbles my friends will instantly jump to the conclusion that I am up the duff. Like it’s not ok to not want to drink. This generation socially is based around the consumption of alcohol from get togethers, sports events and much more. Am I actually broken for not wanting to drink, or are they broken for feeling the need to drink.

With my health issues and my thyroid disease more then anything, - so I am not going to play with fire on this one.  So this gives me even more reason to make my body my temple, as it is already falling apart without extra help of alcohol.

I can imagine there is no worse feeling then being diagnosed with Cancer. I am sure it’s an even worse feeling living with cancer with no energy and restricted with time thinking about nothing other then treating the Cancer.

So by giving up alcohol for the month of July and raising funds while doing so, I will be helping to ease the burden, reduce stress and add comfort to those affect by the hell sent Cancer.

But after attending an event to launch the campaign on Tuesday I have discovered that there is so much more to Dry July.

For me, my intentions are to never pick up another glass or bottle of booze again. It already does nothing for me and hate how it makes me sick, for me it is more of a peer pressure thing and wanting to fit in.

Luke Hines, The Clean Living Cook was in attendance for the event briefly and gave us a little talk on why he is one of the many brilliant ambassadors for Dry July.

“For me dry July is a no brainer. I am passionate about people living their best lives by looking after themselves with optimal nutrition, moving their body and a positive outlook. For me, alcohol just doesn't cut it when trying to achieve these things, so Dry July is the best opportunity to experience what feeling great REALLY feels like. Who knows, you may even pick up some new positive good habits for life."

His words were inspiring and having been alcohol free for 7 years now gave me major hope that I could also kick booze for good, no matter how bad I think the peer pressure is.

The major sponsor for Dry July- Sodastream was also at the event providing us with infused soda water made from their awesome Sodastream machines. I was actually afraid I would break something or explode water in my face, but I made my infused water with ease.

You will definitely see a lot of Sodastream in the coming month as I kick the booze and switch it for bubbles of a different kind, the healthy kind.

I also need to mention Happy Melon Studio in this post as well as they were kind enough to donate one of their spaces and time to the Dry July team. I was so impressed at how natural and just positive the studio was. Personally I love yoga and pilates, so I will be returning to the Happy Melon Studio more then once.

Taking part in Dry July gives you the chance to also focus on yourself - notice your own drinking habits and the value of a healthy, balanced lifestyle. So who else is with me, what have you got to loose? Nothing. But there is a lot to gain.