FOODIE// New Shanghai Emporium Melbourne

I was instantly transported into China when stepping foot into New Shanghai, located on level three in the food court at Emporium Melbourne. 

Looks are very deceiving when it comes to New Shanghai as it looks small from the front, but upon walking in I realized it could fit a whole lot more people around the side and back. 

My eyes were first drawn to the chefs (or as Madison called them the Dumpling artists/makers). A glass wall divided them from us as you stood there watching them absolutely work magic in creating all kinds of Dumpling goodness. 

We were sat down in no time at all and the wait staff were exceptional, always on the ready and wanting to help. 

Pricing on the food was exceptional, I can't believe how much value for money you got when eating here. 

First up was drinks. Matt ordered a beer (typical), Madison ordered freshly squeezed pineapple juice and I had their special mocktail (I can't recall the name of this but it was limited to the week). 

Then I was very overwhelmed with the menu, not being able to pick a single thing from
the rest. So instead we left it up to the waiter to order what he thought we would like (and boy did he get it right). 

One thing I want to mention as well, is if you're looking for somewhere to eat on little time then New Shanghai is perfect. The food came out at incredible speeds, and they were on the ball when it came to brining out the next course. 

First up was the Spring Onion pancakes. Fair to say that China (or Melbourne in this case) know their stuff when it comes to making pancakes. These weren't like our traditional pancakes at all, New Shangai make a perfect dough with spring onions through out frying up the goodness and serving them on the plate. This was definitely the perfect way to start the dining experience off. 

Then came prawn dumplings with a side of chilli sauce. Four little steamed dumplings came out and I didn't know how on Earth I would pick these slippery little suckers up with chopsticks. What did I do, went classy and stabbed the suckers impaling one on my chopstick of course. Madison at this point had already devoured two. I liked these a lot a lot and they were packed full of flavour. 

Next up was pan fried pork buns. These would have had to of been my favourite of the lot! As you broke into the bun the broth would ooze out creating a beautiful dipping sauce. 

They were so flavoursome with the perfect balance of flavours not to mention cooked to perfection. 

Just when we thought we couldn't fit anymore our waiter brought out mains. How on earth could I fit in anymore food without unbuttoning my top button haha. 

For mains we had a few things actually. But the first main to come out was Shaghai stir fried noodles with pork and vegetables. This was the biggest plate of food I have ever seen- and it was only $11.  

Then there was my favourite dish of the day- Rainbow beef (sweet and sour crispy beef) this was another huge serving, enough to feed our family of four! It was the perfect balance between sweet and sour, Madison said it tasted like meat lollies.  I loved that after getting passed the sweet and sour smoothness  I was greeted with this crunchy battered beef, the combination was sensational.

The last of the mains to come out was the Salt and pepper prawns. Matt loved these, I'm not huge on seafood so they weren't exactly a favorite of mine. Madison ate them as well, luckily she takes after Dad and eats anything.  They played them up very well, actually they plated everything up extremely well. Made taking photos easy, except being sat near a window lighting wasn't on my side. 

We were then asked if we would like to order dessert. But there was not a chance in hell I could make even a little room for dessert, we were all filled to full capacity. 

Mummy left full and happy 

Another great thing with New Shanghai, whatever you don't eat they are happy to pop in containers and have you take it home, which we did. I know what well be having for dinner if we can fit it- more New Shanghai!

Check out New Shanghai's Website HERE