SKINCARE// Cetaphil

As almost anyone that follows my blog would know Miss H has extremely sensitive skin and one wrong product and her skin will break out in a dry, irritated rash and worst case scenario welts that has her screaming bloody murder.

I was approached by Cetaphil to try out their products and ummed and ahhed for quite some time, as I didn’t know if it was worth the risk on trying it on Miss H’s skin. But one day she was having a shower and there wasn’t suitable soap for her skin and I needed her to be clean.

So I ran to the office/beauty room and grabbed the Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar as this was the first thing that came to mind when thinking what I could use.

Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar is developed by dermatologist for everyday, gentle cleansing for all skin types. It is-

  • ·      Soap-Free
  • ·      Softens as it cleanses
  • ·      Ideal for both bath and shower use
  • ·      Non-comedogenic (won’t block pores)
  • ·      Suitable to sensitive skin

The bottom line is exactly and probably the only thing that popped out for me as my little one is sensitive skinned (almost Vampire to the sun worthy but not quite).

Initially I thought being soap-free the bar wouldn’t foam, but to my surprised it foamed up nicely and had a really creamy like texture to it once rubbing it into the skin.

I probably should have used it on myself first (mother of the year award won’t be going to me clearly) but it was a spare of the moment decision, something a lot of Mums don’t even have to think about.

Miss H came out squeaky clean and smelling nice as well, it’s a subtle scent but a nice clean smell.

The main thing was it didn’t leave Miss H sensitive and there was absolutely no sign of irritation- finally another product we can add to her list.

With confidence up after using the bar we decided we may as well try out the Moisturising Cream for her snake like scales on her legs!

Moisturising Cream is for Dry, sensitive skin. It is an everyday moisturiser for long-lasting hydration and another handy thing is it is fragrance free (a major irritant).

The tube once taken out of the box reminds me of something old school my Nanna would have used, not saying it’s a bad thing- just a little out-dated. It doesn’t matter too much about that packaging anyway if the product works well.

Upon putting the product on my hands I knew straight away this was a quality product as its silk like texture just seeped right into my hands and Miss H’s skin. I couldn’t stop rubbing the back of my hands after using this product and instantly fell in love.

Like it says on the tube there is no fragrance, so those who love non-smelly products this one is a great base.

Since the first time, we’ve already gone through an entire tube of the stuff and it’s on the shopping list for restock

The thing I absolutely love about Cetaphil products is that they suit the entire family from baby all the way through to the Great Grand Mother.