PARENTING // BabyLove Wriggler

I am going to throw back Thursday up in here, because why the heck not!

I’m bringing baby back on a Thursday also, and no unfortunately I am not preggo yet.  It’s no secret that if I was allowed to with my health I would definitely be going back to TTC, but right now I guess it’s not meant to be.

So instead I am here to talk about when my littlest B was a wee little tacker. And what has sparked that was attending the BabyLove Wriggler event.

While Madison and the other kids danced and played with Mary and Tanika the whole time I was zoned out reminiscing on when Madison was a little one and back in nappies.

We did get our own little throwback 2 weeks ago though when the whole family was hit with gastro and it knocked Madison for a six. So I had to go to the supermarket and get her pull-ups- of course going to BabyLove. It has been 4 long years since stepping down that isle so it was so foreign to me, and reminded me how much I miss being a Mummy to a little baby.

From the moment Madison left her humble abode in my belly it was time to experiment with all brands of nappies. Being a Mummy blogger I was also given the opportunity to try a lot of nappies out, some resulting in major poop incidents and fails.

There were and still are so many brands of nappies that you just don’t know where to turn and it can be extremely overwhelming to new Mum’s. I was a second time Mum and I still dreaded having to play around and find the right one for our bubs.

But when Madison turned a month old we were sold on a brand and there was many reasons why we picked BabyLove. I am not trying to sell the brand at all and I am being totally genuine when I say BabyLove was the only brand we used aside from when I was sent different brands for my blog.

One thing that set BabyLove apart from the rest was just how soft they were and didn’t cut in around Miss Madison’s leg creases like the others did.

We also barely ever had overflowing poo explosions and the nappy caught 95% of the blowout.

Another major selling point for me is that at the time we were stuck on a massive budget and tight with money, so BabyLove was always the most affordable for us. Their little printed nappies made it more attractive as I love little things like that.

One thing I learnt at the Wriggler event though is that wriggly babies at nappy change should be encouraged as baby learns through moving and play. For me I used to give Madison the wipes packet to play with and as she stayed still crunching away on the packet I would ninja style the heck out of the nappy changing and get it on as quick as possible.

So with the new BabyLove nappies it takes the hassle out of the wriggly baby with an easy pull up design- gone are the days of fighting with tabs and kicking legs.