PARENTING// Kid's hair driving my crazy // Scunci

To be quite frank my hair skills suck! I can do your standard ponies, buns, plaits and that is about as far as my hair skill goes. So instead of learning how to “do hair” I just tend to find cute accessories that help my cause and make the hair look better then plain and simple.

I hate even doing my hair, thats why it lives up in a bun. And when I style it and it doesn't work I am the type of person who will go to the salon and have it all chopped off out of frustration. 

I do however need to brush up on my braid skills as this is something I have always wanted to learn, so might jump onto the Scunci sight and see what videos they have popped up.

With my girls they both have their own styles- Hayley is very reserved where as Madison is out there and a little quirky. Hayley also doesn’t like having anyone touch or style her hair and tend to do it on her own.

Scunci were kind enough to send out the girls some hair goodness (which they haven’t stopped talking about since the day they arrived).

So with so many pretty little pieces including clips, elastics and headbands I knew my Pre-School hair game would soon become on point. I had a play the first few times, before decided I needed to game up and find some fun ideas (as Madison is known for taking her hair out)!

Asking Madison what her favourite accessory was she quickly told me it was the Princess Crown headband pack. So I put pen to paper (not actually) and thought of ways to incorporate this piece into a cute up do. And all I did was create a top bun and headband- simple but effective.

For me I loved the little packs that include all eleastics and hair ties so just about every look you can imagine. I saw a fair few little models sport this look so I thought I would try it on Madison. I must say since this day she's warn the double buns plenty of times and loves them. 

Were in the middle of growing Madison’s fringe out, which Madison HATES as she has hair in her face but really doesn’t like clips. So when I saw the Daisy snaps I thought this might’ve been my way into fringe clipping success. Low and behold it worked a treat and even caught Madison a few times putting them in her own hair to keep the fringe off her face.

Hayley loves playing around with the products, but as she is both stubborn and has short hair (quite the tomboy) she doesn’t like things in her hair. Each to their own and there is not a hope in hell I will ever force them to do something they don’t like- especially when it comes to something as simple as hair.

I am a strong believer in standing by, supporting and letting them find themselves allowing them to be their own little people.

This is also where Scunci girl comes into play, as they are able to accessorize the way they want to in anyway while looking super duper cute.

*I have not been paid by any company or brand to make this post. All opinions are my own and genuine.