BEAUTY// Kosmea Rose Hip Oil

A mix between the cold weather that Winter has hit us with here in Melbourne, and my Graves’ disease- has left my face either A) breaking out or B) dry and scaly, both of which I don’t like or want.

And as anyone that follows my blog knows I am really bad at keeping to a skin routine and don’t even have a small skin routine going (unless you include makeup wipes).

Now from head to toe I suffer from a range of skin conditions that I wish weren’t there. For starters the stretch marks on my thighs for rapid weight loss after pregnancy. I was lucky enough to not get any on my stomach but my thighs paid a hefty price.

For me these make me very subconscious when in a bikini and will often stop me from wearing short shorts.

Then I have scarring on my face (on my left temple) from a life threatening car accident. I am not as conscious about this one though for some reason. And more often then not forget it is there until someone asks me, which quite a few people do.

And lastly but not least, since being diagnosed with Graves’ disease my skin has become an on and off sensitive playground. Some weeks it’s fine and others I can put products anywhere near it.

But since rolling over into winter it has become very dry and flaky, which makes me feel like I am shedding my summer skin (gross I know).

So this is where I start talking about a product that has actually helped my face big time and even surprised me.

Kosmea certified Organic Rose Hip Oil is a skincare oil, which has been rated Australia’s number 1 Rose Hip oil.

And this is the first thing that stood out for me with the product is the fact that from plant to bottle, Kosmea Rose Hip Oil and all of its processes are certified organic by both the USDA and Australian Certified Organic (ACO).

Also the fact that the Rose Hip Oil found in Kosmea is ethically sourced from Lesotho in South Africa. I hate the thought of any farmer’s world wide being ripped off and unfairly traded in order for us to have cheap products on our doorsteps. Being brought up as a youngen around farms and that scene I know first hand just how stressful and hard farmers actually have it.

But then there is also the plentiful benefits, which include and may assist with the appearance of:

  • ·      Scars
  • ·      Burns
  • ·      Wrinkles
  • ·      Stretchmarks
  • ·      Pigmentations
  • ·      Sun Damage
  • ·      Acne and Acne scarring
  • ·      Dry and Sensitive Skin

I have been using the Kosmea Rose Hip Oil on my face in the morning when I get out of the shower. I sit the glass bottle on the basin next to the toothbrushes so I have a constant reminder to use it. Otherwise I neglect my skin on a day-to-day basis.

I didn’t want to overwhelm myself and use it on my legs and other body parts as I can barely stick to just my face. So the next place I will concentrate on will be on my inner thigh stretch marks, so I will keep you all posted on how that goes as well.

To begin with I didn’t like the thought of putting oil on my face as I imagined it to just turn my face into and oily slick and would break out by the PM. And when putting it on my hand to begin with it was orange and thick and didn’t know if I could put this sludge on my face. But for review purposes I bit the bullet and ran with it.

It surprised me how well it soaks into my skin and within a few minutes I couldn’t tell that anything was on my face. The only difference was it was instantly hydrated and soft.

One of the first things I noticed after using the Rose Hip Oil on my face is that my makeup went on more flawlessly and stayed put. I've even started using this permanently as my primer before make-up and have found it works a lot better then my high-end cosmetic primers.

The next thing I wasn’t a huge fan on was the scent, but I guess it is as natural of a scent if any. With my extreme sense of smell, I didn’t really like the scent.  It smelt like I was rubbing fish and chip oil over my face. But luckily enough I couldn’t complain for long as the smell quickly subsided as it soaked into my skin.

The next thing was how it was instantly hydrated but also continually improved as the days went by. My pores when wearing makeup weren’t so obvious and I don’t know I just felt a lot more comfortable without foundation on.

BEFORE (aka absolutely horribly disgusting)


After using Kosmea Rose Hip Oil I would actually no happily leave the house with a little bit of mascara and my brows.

To find out more on the Kosmea Rose Hip oil and all the other products you can head to their website HERE and check it out. 

 **This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own. I wouldn't be dishonest and rave on about something I didn't like or that didn't work. There is no sugar coating on this blog, soz not soz.