Auto pilot brightening skin primer $39.00

The famous NP slogan-NOT TO PRIME IS A CRIME!

True story, Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot was the first ever primer I used many years ago and truly was the turning point in priming for me. I actually made a post on their 10th birthday, which you can see here.

This brand new primer has a blend of beneficial ingredients such as algae extract, sorbitol, natural moisturiser and antioxidant Vitamin E which all assist in keeping skin hydrated and protected.

The primer is also completely PARABEN FREE.

Product comes out a pretty lilac colour, which is a gel priming colour corrective formula. It also smells delicious, which is the number one reason I fell in love with the original Auto Pilot.


Total Bae – Own it! SHADES Jet & Electric $29.00

So first impressions it was love at first sight. Now I want to make this clear, with every single product it is not for everyone and everyone will react differently when it comes to products.

And this is where my love hate comes with the product. I react really badly and my eyes go red and watery, but I absolutely love the results and how long and full of volume my lashes look when using it.

I am going to give it another go in case it was actually just my eyes and not the product, but I think for me this one is a case of loving what you can’t have.

The brush is also dual sided one side lengthens and the other pumps up the volume for flawless looking lashes all day long. I was actually asked if my lashes were falsies.

There are two available shades black (Jet) and Blue (Electric).

Ok, last but certainly not least are my hands down favourite sponges.


Pro Makeup Blending Sponge $12.00

A certain brand that I don’t even have to mention made these sponges hot property and sent everyone on a mission to find the best dupe.  But I am going to put it out there Napoleon Perdis worked some incredible magic and made a make p sponge unlike the others on the market.  This sponge is actually sold out.

Can totally see why it is SOLD OUT as well, both affordable and totally gets the job done.

My foundation has never before been so flawless, I’m a confessed hand and finger foundation applicator. But I vow never again to use my fingers and hands, and as soon as this sponge is available again I will be stocking up.

A little tip- I don’t know how or why but these sponges work so much better once they are made wet and the access water is squeezed out. The sponge becomes soft yet dense and just a dream to use on the skin.

Another type of sponge, which isn’t sold out is the-

Pro Makeup Sponge $9.00

The stamp shape of this sponge confuses me, as I had absolutely no idea why it is shaped like this (sorry to the MUA who are probably laughing at how dumb that seems). But I did sneak online to see if NP’s website could shine some light on the design and it did! The large end is used to blend foundation and then flip to the smaller end for effortless application of concealer, luminzer and cream contour.

So almost like the previous sponge but a few more uses. I personally love the Blending sponge as the handle/base gives it a classy and luxe feel even though the product remains affordable.

My love for Napoleon Perdis is forever growing and I can’t wait to let the cat out of the bag with some amazing new releases they have coming up in the works.