Giftorium Myer Melbourne Opened their doors for 2015

 The go-to place for Christmas gifts for the entire family in one place-Myer Giftorium Launch, with thanks to Kids Business.

 23rd October saw the launch of the Myer Melbourne Giftorium launch and had Miss M heading off to launch… Ok I guess she tagged me along for the ride also. But in all realness now, big ups to Kids Business and Myer for throwing an absolutely fantastic launch together, which had my inner child and my actual child (Madison) with a smile from ear to ear!

  I went to the Myer Giftorium Launch last year thanks to Kids Business again, and this was actually where I did most of my Christmas shopping as I didn’t have to leave the building for anything.

  Last year saw the first ever Myer Giftorium and it seems as with everything each year it gets bigger and better. T

his year upon getting out of the lifts it was apparent that this year they had added a lot more to the Giftorium with different brands and products jumping on board.  

Due to the success of the previous years Giftorium, Myer has increased the overall Giftorium footprint by 12, bringing the total Christmas offering to almost 40,000square metres across all stores this year.  The myer Giftorium is a unique concept in Aussieland that will feature in every Myer store nationwide this Christmas. 

Most stores will not be as large and diverse as the Myer Melbourne store though, as I noticed last year my local Myer Giftorium in Northland was nowhere near as extensive at the Melbourne store. 

Myer found that personalised gifts were most sought after last year so this year they have included a lot more personalised options, some of those include-

 Personalised Nutella jars- A large stall in which you can have your name or a family members name written on the jar for the tiny price of $12. This was the families favourite and especially Madison’s as she was able to eat the Nutella straight from the jar.  I ended up walking away with the entire family in nutella jar; one for the shelf in the kitchen not for eating purposes haha. 

 Personalised Art- So there were Mr Men and Little Miss personalised prints again this year. But another one they have added is the Peanuts and Snoopy personalised prints, which I think is a fantastic addition to the personalised family of prints.  
Build A Bear- This is actually and Australia first as there is no other store in Australia to have the shop in shop concept when it comes to build a bear. Lets be honest what little kid, or even big kid doesn’t like their own build a bear just the way they like it, and made with love? 

Build a Bear is the first place Madison spotted and grabbed onto my hand and led me to the far side of the building to make.  

Other personalised goodies- I think in all fairness personalised gifts makes it look like you’ve put a lot more thought and effort into a gift, and personally I would love to receive a personalised gift this Christmas.  Some other products you can personalise in Myer Melbourne this year are: leather goods, business shirts, bathrobes, towel, Santa sacks and Christmas stockings.  

There were so many areas and gifts to be purchased I could be here and start typing out a four-page essay- but that might bore you.  

Some of the other standouts that were this year were- Dilmah tea, Nespresso, Napoleon Perdis, Benefit Cosmetics, , star wars- which was big this year with their own little area and over 100,00 items. Disney, which again had its own little area with the favourites; from inside out, frozen and more.  
Brunetti pop up café is also upstairs, which means you wont ever have to leave the sixth floor. Brunetti was kind enough to supply us with cofffe, tea, hot chocolates and of course food.  
Another perfect gift idea was the Floral accessories with my flowerhouse, which is only at Myer giftorium Melbourne.

 Madison made a super cute little hanging pot thing that is covered in moss- a cute make-it-yourself gift. 
 I also noticed this year there was a lot more foodie type of items this year, which I loved seeing an increase of. 

 Myer Giftorium is one place I recommend to any family, or person looking to get their shopping done quickly and in one place. If you are anything like me you leave your shopping until last minute- so the Giftorium is perfect for people like us.