CHRISTMAS // Santa's Magical Kingdom 2015

Christmas times is my prime as it is the one time the family gets together and is my favourite time of the year.

From the smiles I see on my girls faces as they wake up in the morning in excitement as Santa ate their cookies and drank their milking leaving loads of presents under their beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

The last three years the first taste of Christmas for my family has been with Santa’s Magical Kingdom.

Santa’s Magical Kingdom for the last two, maybe even three years has been as Caulfield Racecourse, which is a little bit of a bugger with traffic.

The past two years have been very similar, almost the same thing. So this year we were expecting everything to be the same.  It was similar but there were a few tweaks and a few new things but generally the same.

The difference this year is the layout, but also things like the Aeroplane Jelly stand where the kiddies got to colour in a Christmas bauble for their Christmas tree at home.

There was an extra bigger kids ride outside with the ferris wheel to, where you sat and it went round and round- Hayley’s face was classic.

Two things we didn’t worry about going into this year, the first being Santa photos. The past two years we’ve found them to be overpriced for what you get. The photos aren’t printed the best and the last two Santa’s we had fell very short of average.

The second this we didn’t bother going to see was the International circus as the girls have been twice the prior year and both times the sets were exactly the same, the only difference being a couple of slip ups that had the parents on the edge of their seat. Not going into the circus worked in our favour though, as the girls got to go on whatever rides they wanted without a single line.

But I think as a child I would have absolutely loved every aspect of this event and would have been hanging for the next year to fly around. My girls loved it, so this Mummy loved it; although my poor feet would have to disagree with me. 

Gingerbread decorating was on the list again this year, that the girls eating bits and pieces of before even finishing their decorations.

There was bubble snow again, with a special appearance from what I think was meant to be Elsa and Anna in which my girls loved and Mum walked out looking like the Olaf the snowman overed in bubbles.

As with previous years there was the massive slipper slide racing.

Rides like the caterpillar and the giant ferris wheel make an appearance again as well and is always the family favourite.

There was Mrs Claus’ story telling but my girls wanted to play no part in the whole sitting down and keeping still thing.

Food stalls were the same with things like hot chips, hot dogs, slushies and the standard kind of take away foods, which is great.

Overall the night out is great and you can just hear the joy in the room and children dashing off to this that and the other, which is a sight to see and the meaning of Christmas in a way.

Our Christmas wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t have Santa’s Magical Kingdom.