I remember watching many shows as a child, and some of these I like to keep going with my girls. One show I remember while in High school and then my eldest daughter watching while young was Hi- 5. 
Although these days things are so much different and there seems to be new people filling places to often. I remember when they used to be Nathan, Charlie, Tim, Kathleen and Kellie. And the same thing goes with the Wiggles and those kinds of shows; nothing beats the original. 
One thing remains the same though and that is  the beloved puppets Chatterbox (Chats) and Jup Jup, although the voices has changed a lot you cannot tell.  I am not sure if you are aware but the voices of the puppets have actually also been the Hi 5 members.  Tim and Charlie also doubled as the voices of the puppets J

So I decided these school holidays I would bite the bullet and take the kids to see High 5 as they love watching it on Tv, and to be honest I didn’t mind Stevie at all and thought he fit the original part quite nicely.  As we went to find out though, Stevie has hurt his foot and there was someone else stepping in on his behalf- who know maybe a new Hi 5 member to replace one they have now. 
But anyway, we had awesome seats and I really do have to praise the staff of The Palais Theatre in St Kilda as they didn’t tell the kids off when they got up and started dancing in small sections of the isle. That is actually my pet peeve having a children’s concert or show somewhere they cannot actually get up and dance- it is almost like having a rave in a library where you have to be quiet; idiotic! 
The show was great and I even had a Mummy come up to me and tell me that Miss M was just as entertaining as the show- she got right into it! 
Having said this my girls loved the show, the were dancing and singing along, I even saw their Nanna singing along a few times. 

The Hi 5 show this time around was called the House Of Dreams and focused on the Hi 5 Cast’s favourite dreams and what they wanted to dream about when they went to sleep. 
Chats was magical in this show and changed their dreams slightly while still keeping the main favourites in each of the High 5 Dreams. 
I loved this show as it really cemented in the purpose of the Dream catcher, which both of my girls have in their rooms to keep the bad dreams away.  Miss H was having some really hefty bad dreams, and I remember my Step Mother putting a dream catcher up for me and it would keep every single bad dream of mine away- some might say it is a subconscious thing but I believe in them. 

The show did go for quite a while, our show started at 4:30 and then ended at 6:30 with an interval in between. So I would definitely say you get great value for your money, and the poor High 5 cast sweat their little bodies off. 
One negative I did find though is their merchandise prices were Ludacris and you certainly didn’t get your value for money. The girls Nana went and got them a hand each, which she paid $10 for I think… $10 FOR A FOAM HAND!!! And then Miss M who is about to turn 4’s one ripped almost straight away (not even before the show began) leaving her on a little bit of a low in the lead up to the show. 
I want to finish this post on a positive thought, so I do regret almost not taking my kids to this show and almost feel bad putting it down, all because the cast changed. My girls absolutely loved it and their smiles were priceless.