I had extremely good intentions in the lead up to the Stadium Stomp when it came to training. But in the end life as a Mummy and a blogger got in the way and my training schedule wasn’t as gruelling as planned. 

But having said this, this would be a great indicator on doing the Stomp at all levels of fitness. 
Fast Flyers were the team we created and my team consisted of North Melbourne Football Club beautiful other halves and wives (Hannah, Shayne, Heidi, Prue, Linda). In the end we raised $2,200 for the Leukaemia Foundation’s House Of Hope, and we really do hope that this put a dint into the making of this house!

We ended up decided to conquer the full course, because what was the point of going half way into something- so we bit the bullet and swallowed our fears. 
I can personally say, I will never in my life look at the MCG the same way and will now cherish the little amounts of steps I have to climb when getting food/drinks/toilet runs while watching NMFC play ( luckily we don’t actually play there a lot haha). 

The team and I were glad we didn’t pick the half course as we were done half an hour through, but three quarters of the way through the full course I know most of us wished we took the half course. 
As I write this from the comfort of my couch, my legs really don’t like me right now J I stretched and walked it out as much as I could but this didn’t help my legs the next day at all I don’t think. 
You know what, the thing for me was pushing myself to the limit where my body just wanted to shut down- my legs did anyway. For me it really wasn’t a cardio challenge and very rarely did I run out of breath, for me it was getting my darn legs to move the way my brain wanted them to. 

The Stadium Stomp volunteers were absolutely amazing and the real icing on the cake.  So much encouragement and enthusiasm really pushing you through when you felt you were about to give it all up. 
Stadium Stomp did provide you with drink stops with both water and Powerade, and I was happy with there only being three drink stops. Our bodies constantly look for ways to avoid something or find an excuse and sometimes that is your drink bottle or water. My body physically didn’t need hydration till after the Stomp as realistically it was only an hour and a half workout. But my brain wanted a pit stop after every 4 flights of stairs. 
7,400 steps under my belt and it was time for Fast Flyers to really dig deep and climb down the last flight of steps that would then take us down onto the ground of the MCG where we had to do a half lap and pass the finish line. 

Surprisingly the run was a nice change to the legs and felt great to be doing something other then stepping up and then stepping down again. 
In the end the team and I took an hour and 25minutes, but it was a massive achievement for us personally- and we stuck together the entire time! 
There were a mix of people there from young to old and then any fitness level imaginable, so not for one second do you ever feel like you don’t belong there. 
I did ask the team if they were willing to go at it again next year and most of them said yes, I know personally I would because fitness wise so far it is the biggest challenge I have set myself- right after loosing 10kg of baby fat! 

What is the biggest fitness challenge you have set yourself and would you be game enough to take the Stomp challenge with me next year?