I am not sure who was more excited to see Inside Out the kids or myself! I am such a sucker for a good kids movie and love having my girls as an excuse to keep on watching them for as long as they enjoy them J
The movie was so good the we went twice, the first was at the movies in Northland and then the second time was at the Drive In's in Coburg. Coburg Drive In's are our favourite because we love camping out in the back of the car- on a mattress of course. But we didn’t watch this mo
vie alone, we actually had some extra friends come along.. These extra friends were: 
A Talking Sadness Plush toy.

                                          Small Plush BING BONG       Small Plush Joy      Small Plush Sadness        

All the kids and I had all different favourite characters and mine for some reason was Bing Bong, he is the type of creature you imagined in your wildest dreams as a child. I actually loved how sweet, caring and yet somehow dopey this character was. 
Madison’s favourite was Sadness, and I don’t think this is because she loves being sad but more because she loves the colour blue. Maddy was lucky enough to have been sent the Talking Sadness Plush, which I hear speaking in her room at all hours of the night, as this is the toy she chooses to sleep with now. 

Hayley’s favourite was Joy, and suited her quite well, as Hayley is always happy no matter the situation.  Joy played a beautiful part in this movie and I can see why she could easily become a child’s favourite. 
All the plush toys are actually very soft and made of a high standard, unlike those you can sometimes get in the claw machines at the movies. 
It is always a craze to get the toys that come it with a movie, no matter how long the movie hangs around after the cinemas. For me I will only ever buy the girls a toy if I think you are getting value for money, and these definitely sit up there in that category!