BYS | Halloween SFX Party

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I freaking LOVE Halloween.  I have been fully converted this year and I am putting it down to the events I have been invited to.

The first one being the BYS Halloween Party at Luna Park the other week, yup you heard right Luna Park. We literally had the place to ourselves- it was totally insane!

So not only did I have a ball checking out all the lads and ladies great costumes and makeup I also learnt that BYS actually make a whole range of SFX products that are totally affordable and 100% quality.

I had no idea that BYS was so advanced in the professional game of makeup and have a newfound love for special effects makeup. I want to go to all the Halloween parties and dress up in something completely new for each one!

I had no idea how to do any of the gore sfx and had to leave this one in the hands of a professional. Dressed as a zombie schoolgirl I wanted the face to match and @katelynmorrismua nailed it!

No I couldn’t eat all night and yes I drank my beer through a straw (classy).

My top three faves from the BYS SFX collection that were used on my face would have to be:

Liquid Blood $19.95 for 45mL
This stuff will last me a lifetime.. I think a record breaking amount of maybe 20 drops max was used on my face. And I found the best part about this blood is that it did dry unlike other fake bloods, meaning to stray hairs sticking to my face this year (winning).

Zombie Colour Wheel $12.95
Literally the lifesaver here. It created my white face base and also all the bruises and the colour combo here is perfect for anyone looking to get the dead look. Having the white as a base I thought it would be so thick and clog all my pores but I was surprised when it dried it was like a thick powder foundation feel.

Liquid Latex $19.95 for 115ml
Ummm where have you been all my life? Like seriously have no idea how I have gone a Halloween costume without this stuff! It can make you look like your skin is melting or you can also grab some cotton wool and create awesome gore art on your face. My mouth mainly consisted of liquid latex and cotton wool.

Here are some of the amazing get ups from the night.