{M.I.A} Missing In Action

I know I have been extremely absent in the posts and being active on my blog lately. There are many reasons some of which I cannot go too much into yet and other's I can definitely highlight below.

One of the reasons I have been missing on the blog as there is going to be a change in the direction my blog is going with a lot my lifestyle and foodie type things going on as well as some awesome partnerships and collaborations.

 Being a Mummy and school holidays I also had to set my priorities straight, and as much as I love blogging I spent all my time with them.

Some personal reasons have also come up forcing me to shove the blog on the back burner, but I'm back b**ches haha.

Short and sweet lovelies, I was literally popping by to let you all know I am back in business bigger and better then before.

Erin xxx