Hans Oliving Lunch with Llyeton and Bec Hewitt

With this event, I am still pinching myself to see if it even happened. But it did and I am forever grateful I was able to attend an event like this and given this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Having lunch with the Hewitts, Llyeton and Bec in celebration of their partnership with Oliving. The Hewitts aim to encourage families to make the switch to a healthier alternative than traditional deli meats.

The event was located at an almost perfect house in Brighton, which looks like it never had a person step foot in it! Everything was perfectly in place and the art was on point.

Hans Oliving range has been Inspired by the Mediterranean diet, Hans Oliving deli meats are produced using Greek olive oil and less animal fat. In addition to offering less saturated fat than comparable products, the olive oil enhances the product’s delicious taste. Which is like pretty little bells to my ears and this family.
You never realise how bad ham and deli meats are until you look into it. And now I feel quite guilty for putting them in the girls lunchboxes without knowing.
The event really opened my eyes and made me realise there is a healthier alternative with around the same price range, that every family needs to know about.
Tasting the range, I couldn’t tell any difference in taste. The only thing I did take note on was there wasn’t a greasy barrier left in your mouth that is almost sticky I got from eating normal ham. I think the Oliving and the average ham need to be taste tested blind folded to see which stands up to the taste test.
The range -

The Hans Oliving range includes great tasting products including family favourites Pizza Salami, Peperilli Salami, Hungarian Salami, Traditional Ham, Gypsy Ham, Naturally Smoked Ham, Rindless Pan Sized Bacon, Strassburg, Polish, Chorizo, Kransky, Cheese Kransky, Kabana and Twiggy Sticks.

Pizza is a fave in the hewitts house. Bec and Llyeton believe its all about being prepared and sort of having an idea of their busy schedule. And when they are in school it’s a good opportunity to prepare food and quick and easy meals are the way to go.

As sporting icon Lleyton bowed out of the world of international tennis at the Australian Open, he is looking forward to starting a new chapter of his life and spending quality time with his family.
Bec, a busy mum of three, has also developed a range of recipes and tips covering everything from cooking to family entertaining, to staying active and beauty advice which will be available on the website.

She prepared a quick and easy Mediterranean Salad in minutes using the Hans Oliving range, I will include the quick and easy recipe below. It’s funny to find out just how many sorts of cheeses there are in the world, let alone those ones that are better for you. 
I have heard before that olive oil as been referred to as ‘liquid gold by many people. But now looking further into that, I back them 100% as it truly is liquid gold!
The range is now available to purchase across Australia in selected Coles, Woolworths and IGA stores.
Visit www.olivingthelife.com.au and www.hans.com.au to discover the Hans Oliving range, access delicious recipes and learn how to start Oliving the life with Lleyton & Bec Hewitt.
All oils in the house have now been replaced with a bottle of Hans Oliving oil.