Frontline- Puppy Protecting (and animals in general)

When I open my newsfeed each and every single day I am greeted by animals and dogs in particular. I absolutely love it J Now we don’t actually own a pet and somewhere down the track we are looking to get either a pug or something along them lines which will be able to be an inside dog and suitable for our yard. So when I see all these puppies I get all smitten and puppy clucky haha.

Frontline Plus research finds Australians go to great lengths to pamper their pets, but many aren’t getting the basics of pet care right. One thing I will make sure I do when we do settle down and get a pooch is make sure it gets every single needle, all the treatment and care that is available and spoil the little boy rotten!! 
New research released today shows that a furkids’ phenomenon is on the rise with Australians proving that they are pet obsessed – with almost half (48 per cent) of Aussies admitting to treating them like their child.

The research from Frontline Plus highlights that Australians’ devotion to their pets is remarkable, to the point where owners are buying their furry friends Christmas gifts, letting them sit at the dinner table and even keeping up their oral hygiene by brushing their teeth.
With 63 per cent of Australian households home to pets (one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world), pets are intrinsically woven into the social fabric of our lives, and it is more evident than ever that pets share and shape our lives. As such, in our digitally connected society, more than one in three (38 per cent) pets feature on social media, and 395,000 Australian pets star (4 per cent) in their own social media profile.
According to the research, one in five owners (22 per cent) consider using specialist treatments for their pets such as a massage therapist, a dietitian or a naturopath – and a third of owners (32 per cent) admit to speaking to their doted on darlings in baby talk.
As an integral member of the family, it is not surprising that 679,000 owners would include their pet as a beneficiary of their will, and 693,000 owners have booked their pet a flight so they can join the family on holiday.
However, with this devotion to their pets, further Frontline Plus research has revealed that although Aussie pet owners spoil their cats and dogs, many aren’t getting the basics of pet care right such and tick and flea prevention.
The research found that only 48 per cent of dog owners treat their pets regularly enough to prevent a flea infestation on their pet or in their home – and more worryingly, 82 per cent of dog owners who live in paralysis tick zones are not treating correctly to protect their dogs from the deadly paralysis tick, which is found along the coast in New South Wales, Queensland and in some parts of Victoria.
Frontline Plus is the leading brand for protecting cats and dogs against fleas when applied monthly and it is effective at preventing paralysis ticks on dogs when applied fortnightly. Dog owners who live near the coast in New South Wales, Queensland and some parts of Victoria need to treat every two weeks to effectively protect against paralysis ticks. Cat owners in these areas should use Frontline Spray every 3 weeks to protect against paralysis ticks. Pet owners not living in paralysis tick zones should treat monthly to manage fleas and other types of ticks. If in doubt, check with your veterinarian.

For more information on how to protect your dog or cat from ticks and fleas please visit Download the PET CHECK App to keep track of all your pet’s important information, reminders and vet appointments.

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