3B's Tested- Little Live Pets

I can’t even count on my two hands the amount of times the kids have asked for weird and wonderful pets. I thought it would stop after we got 3 gold fish, but no the nagging continued. I got an email in regards to a hot new toy from Moose that would be hitting the counters soon, and new this would be the perfect opportunity to spring a little surprise on the girls. 

No it wasn’t a bunny, snake, guinea pig, chicken, pig or cat but instead they received a little surprise in the form of a birdie (in a cage of course). This Little Live Pets bird was PERFECT, there was no cleaning to be done after it, except with a wet cloth when she was dirty and the only expense this bird gave us was batteries (and they have lasted a very long time).

So a little more about this creature with the launch of Moose Toys’ latest release, Little Live PetsTM.
Little Live Pets are the interactive and electronic mini pet friends that act and sound so real. These cute birds listen and talk back to kids; whistle, chirp and tweet when they are patted; sing their own birdsongs and have a gorgeous soft flocked finish, while fitting in the palm of little hands.
·       There are eight characters to collect and if I am honest they all look amazing and want to add them ALL to our family now! The 8 different character names are-  Delicate Dee, Sillie Billie, Angelic Angela,
Sweet Sophie, Cool Cookie, Cheeky Charlie, Friendly Frankie, Beauty Bella.
 Little Live Pet Birds let kids experience their very own colourful menagerie at home. Suitable for boys and girls aged five and up, this latest creation developed in Australia by Moose, allows kids to foster the responsibility of nurturing and caring for a pet, without the same commitment, expense and mess of a real animal!

I love these birds as they encourage my kids to get imaginative and creative with their minds. And for moments there I even think Madison believes this is a real bird, whom she has named Sweety Pie. I sneakily made a recording saying I love you Madison, please give me a kiss without the kids knowing. And now when I get the chance I keep changing it as the girls really do believe the bird is talking to them!!
Other then playing back your recorded words and phrases the birds also make 30 different bird noises, including songs that the kids know and love.

Little Live Pets Bird can be purchased individually for $12.95 or with their own sweet birdhouse for $24.95 and are available at all good toy retailers nationally from July 2014.