CHARITY // Liptember

As everyone who knows me of follows my blog now knows I have been suffering anxiety and at one time or another the black dog (depression). And I have learnt an important lesson when opening up about my “problems” that it is ok to not be ok and that you’re certainly not alone.

When I first came out about my severe anxiety I got nothing but positive feedback and support, and even had people reach out with their stories as they could relate. It created a sense of community and standing united to kick women’s health issues where it hurts.

There are more and more women every single day being struck down by the many mental issues whether that be post natal depression, domestic violence, depression, anxiety and this is just to name a few. For me these statistics come with a bittersweet presence as it means more women are welcoming reaching out and seeking out. They are no longer ashamed of being judged or bullied even more, and knowing others understand exactly what they are going through.

I am confident in saying with depression, there is light at the end of the tunnel. When all hope is lost there is a lifeline, and this can be as simple as making a phone call to the lifeline.

Not quite sure how to type this, and to be quite honest I don’t even care if I am judged anymore or called a coward- hit me with your best shot as it just proves what kind of person you are. Before kids and due to domestic violence at home and sexual assault I tried to take my life while on holiday in New Zealand, I was somewhat successful and was brought back in the intensive care operating table.

It was like I was stuck in a hurricane screaming at the top of my lungs and nobody could hear me. I didn’t want to be here and I didn’t know what I did to deserve it. Only when I lay next to a little boy in the hospital recovering that was on his last legs did I realise I was wasting my opportunity at life when this poor little boy beside me had no choice in the matter.

Choice is exactly what lit the flame inside me and encouraged me to get off the shitty track I had put myself on and get onto the right one- I swore I would do something with my life and not let the person who abused me get me down.

What I want to push with people is that appearances aren’t everything and looking at someone you have no idea what they’ve been through, what they’ve seen or what they are feeling inside. We need to be the voice for those who don’t have a voice, and let other women know it’s ok to reach out for help.

There are many organisations popping up more then willing to help and support women’s mental health.

One that strikes a cord with me is a charity organisation Liptember, which helps raise funds by having fun. By having fun I mean feeling great wearing your favourite shade of lipstick or go a little more daring and create some fun lips.

Throughout the month of September, women are encouraged to “kiss away the blues” and commit to wearing brightly-coloured official Liptember lipstick sold at Chemist Warehouse stores nation wide, in support of women’s mental health.

All funds raised during the month of September will, for the seventh year running, be donated to the Centre for Women’s Mental Health and Lifeline to assist the provision of national research and vital support programs.

Getting involved is easy! Simply register online at and seek sponsorship from family, friends and co-workers for committing to wearing official Liptember lipstick throughout the month of September.
Official Liptember lipsticks are available at all Chemist Warehouse, My Chemist and My Beauty Spot stores nation-wide for as little as $4.99.
For more information visit and for anyone seeking help contact Lifeline 13 11 14 or visit :