DIY// Bunning’s Kids DIY Classes

Winter is here and for this family that means a lot more days will be spent inside. It also means the craft boxes and table come out again so that the girls are able to get their hands into some craft.

Sometimes it’s not an easy task hosting a craft night with two super messy girls and will sometimes result in paint and sparkles all over the kitchen.

Luckily for me I have discovered a life changing activity and have to share it will all crafty families and DYI’ers.

I was invited along to a blogger morning of DIY at the Altona Bunning’s Warehouse where some Mums, their little ones and myself got their hands down and dirty in paint, glitter, glue and an entire array of craft goodness.

The theme of the morning was bringing kids back to basics with a DIY Kids Party.

This honestly opened my eyes to a whole new inner sanctuary of Bunning’s and never again will I walk the isle in complete boredom as the other half some how conned me into going with him to grab something.

So firstly the morning involved getting some timber letters and decorating them with anything the little kiddies hearts desired. For mine it was mostly bling embellishments and glitter with a splash of paint and pipe cleaners.

 Madison spelt out her name, and to my surprise this kid actually has skills;
move over Picasso Madison’s in town

Moving on it was time for my favourite activity and that was to create hula-hoops out of trip irrigation tubing, joiner and electrical tape. No kidding it was that easy and took all of about five minutes to make. So inexpensive and extremely entertaining for my little one- plus it keeps her active while having fun. Personally I loved helping make this for Madison and if you wanted to buy the roll of irrigation tubing then you could easily make 30 kids sized hula hoops.

Then you cannot and I mean CANNOT go to Bunning’s without snatching up a snag. I don’t know what makes the sausages at Bunning’s so special but as soon as you smell them you go running to the tent out the front. So of course we finished off all the fun with some sausages in bread (with sauce of course).

I didn’t know this either, but Bunning’s actually has a section on their website dedicated to DIY projects for the kids and big kids alike. Although the only thing I would suggest is having printable projects below the videos with instruction as well as a to buy list, just my opinion though.

You can find the DIY projects here-

We were all sent home with goodie bags that had everything we needed to make a piggy piñata to. Madison’s birthday is just around the corner so I might get the tribe on board to help Mummy make a piñata filled with goodies for what will now be Madison’s farm themed birthday party (probably at Bundoora’s Kids Farm).

A part of me wishes I never went to this event though as now all I want to do is go to Bunning’s and find things for the girls and myself to create…. And I know that the store is open from 7am-9pm on weekdays, uhhh oh!