Everybody, and I mean everybody knows that I absolutely love and adore LUSH products in every single way.

From skin to bath and even up-cycling their containers and using their products as home air-freshener, I just cant get enough.

Which leads me to my ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide with all things LUSH.

So many products on my Mother’s Day list I almost need Santa on the MD angel this year haha.

Luckily enough I was sent a couple of products for trial and just get a feel for the Mother’s Day vibe with LUSH this year.

Then I looked in the brochure, and that is exactly the point where my Mother’s Day wants went from 5-25 in a matter of seconds.

So I had to narrow them down to the top 5 products as I didn’t want to keep you all day (even though I could have easily gone on and on)!


Upon first impression to look at this bubble bar is so sweet and cute, almost makes you not want to run it under the water and ruin it.
This smell was floral like but a nice fresh sort but with an undertone of minty goodness, I loved sitting in my bubble bath with this scent filling the entire bathroom.

SCENT- sweet geranium oil and peppermint oil.

As with all of LUSH’s bubble bars the longer you leave it under running water the more bubbles you get. For me I usually get two uses out of one generous sized bar that provides me with a bath full of bubbles.


I went into store when this baby was first released as I was told it was a sweet scented product, which I love every single sweet scent from LUSH. And I was not disappointed, this one has like a strawberry and caramel blend scent to it and I think needs to be permanent…. Or I will be stocking up before selling out so I have enough to get me through to next Mother’s Day.

SCENT- Cocoa Butter, Brazilian orange, geranium oil.

So this is like a creamy wash that I found the scent to linger on my skin long after my shower/bath.  It also left my skin hydrated as apposed to squeaky clean in need of a moisturiser. It was like the moisturiser was built into the wash, which was definitely a plus for me.

And if this wasn’t enough the colour of this product is space like. So there is a shimmer in the violet colour that is the cream- just amazing.


So I am going to start off by saying that I wasn’t completely sold on the scent as it has a sort of draw liner scent AKA Grandma’s potpourri sort of sent.  But for some this is a scent that they might like, for me it was a no-no.

SCENT- Top notes- rose petals, rose absolute and rose oil Bottom Notes- Sicilian lemon, floral geranium and rose absolute.

But what actually sold me on this bath bomb was the magic that happens when you drop It into your bath. There’s a magically marshmallow like pink that fizzes and spread across the water and then its quickly hit but a bright blue and flower petals that just magically sit on the water like a romantic bath ( all you need is some candles and calming music and you’ve made an at home spa).

SUNRISE SOAP RRP $6.95 per 100g

What drew my attention to this soap is its mars/sun like colour with shifts between yellow and orange. Then the next thing that pretty much sold me was the citrus fresh scent it held.

SCENT- Tangerine, Sicilian mandarin oils and a soft murumuru and organic silken tofu core.

Some LUSH soap don’t lather very well at all and feel more like applying wax to the skin and you practically scrub your skin of for some bubbles, but this bar isn’t that. I love the texture, lather and scent that sits subtly and nicely on the skin.


Ok, so the real reason I love this product is the pure fact that it looks like a giant tea bag. I had a vision of getting a cute Mum cup and popping one of these in there just for a little something special.

SCENT- neroli, rosewood oils, cornflowers, sunny orange flower and rich rosewood.

If you have a Mummy that loves tea, then this is a must, even if its just a little something extra to add to the gifts your Mum gets on Mother’s Day ( hey, get creative and make Mum a cup of tea in the morning on Mother’s Day :p)

All of these are at LUSH and most definitely are Mummy Approved and perfect gifts for Mother’s Day.

LUSH have put together some great packs just in time for Mother’s Day, from $19 to $50 odd dollars.