PERSONAL// Pet Peeves as a blogger…


1…  Thinking its ok to post for free

Number one on my list has to be one of the things as a blogger that really gets under my skin. So since I have a well-established blog that really has blossomed into something special that I truly price myself on. It has always been my passion but now my passion has also turned into my business. 

So when a PR or brand messages me asking to review their products or to simply write about something they are looking after, I kindly ask their budget or simply ask what I may receive in return for my services. Not very often am I knocked back or maybe here and there told the brands budget don’t have enough funding/run our of samples. I am sure- no scratch that. I am certain as you are sending this email you are being paid to do so, what makes you think I work for free? Like I am not being stuck up or snobby or anything like that I am simply stating that fact that almost nobody in this world works for free.

2.. Outsiders thinking its all about freebies being thrown at you.

I cannot even count the number of people on my ten fingers that have commented saying they want to get into blogging. Or even mucking around when they ask me where to sign up to this blogging business. 

For me it wasn’t easy and freebies weren’t just thrown my way. I had to build myself up into the position I am in today.. I wont lie the bonuses and freebies are great, I love a good event and goodie bag. But its not all glitz and glam its hours of typing, editing, photography and the list honestly does go on.  The bloggersphere at the best of time is a very competitive place and where you’re doing well there’s always someone trying to do better.

3.. On the subject bloggers in it for the wrong reasons..

It really pisses me off when you know, or even when they blatantly tell you they are doing it for the free stuff.  Like, hello..  You’re wrecking it for us genuine bloggers who are receiving products they really want and enjoy writing about them. 

And even those bloggers who just want their five minutes of fame and then just go Missing in Action on the bloggersphere.

4.. B isn’t for beauty, or blogging its for bitchiness

One thing I have found in the six years of blogging is the fact it’s a dog eat dog world out here.  There is a massive difference between Mummy events and the mummy blogging world as apposed to the Beauty Blogging side of things.

 Like the BBlogging scene you know you are being judged, know you’re being back stabbed and just don’t feel comfortable. It’s like hello were doing the same thing here..  we should be building each other up not tearing each other down. I love sharing my contacts and having “friends” and real friends I’ve made come along to events with me. But the moment it becomes one way I am out of there quicker then a dollar drops.

5.. COPY CAT FROM BALLARAT WENT TO SCHOOL… and I don’t know the rest haha

When someone or a group of someone’s goes out of their way and copy you, your work and even your ideas. It is the biggest kick in the ball- and I don’t even have balls but I assume it hurts like a mofo!

But not even my work, when a blogger clearly copies and pasts an entire chunk out of the media release making it sound like they are the creative minds behind the script when in fact all they did was press copy and paste.

As a Blogger I cannot stress enough, be nice to one another and help to build each other up… Not be the cause of someone crashing down and not wanting to blog any longer!!