Every single year I end up saying the same things to myself like, next year I will be more proactive and Father’s Day well and truly sorted before the time comes around..  And every single year I never end up doing it !

This year though I was a little more organised and have booked a table at a place Mr M has been wanting to go for a long time now, so I should get brownie points there right?

The last few years has seen me resort to this Daddies favourite place for gifts- Officeworks.

It has absolutely everything I need when it comes to gift buying for men from technology to office supplies and so much more.  But every Father’s Day I am also drawn to the Officeworks and Kodak Picture Kiosks where you get to print and create something personalised for Mr M to go with his big present- you can never have too many personalised items right?

Last year I made him up a stubby holder and he absolutely loves it and has used it almost to death. So I dug deep into the memory archives to figure out something that he would both love and use and thought I would take it wayyy back this time.

Throwing back to a time when he laid eyes on his first real true love- his daughter Madison. Ideally I would have loved recreating a crazy old school family photo I have seen in his family archives- but time was once again against me this year… Ok maybe I’m just a professional at leaving things to the last minute.

I ended up going with an insulated coffee cup that he can take with him to work in the morning and even football. Something he will use time and time again, much like the stubby holder. 

On a serious note though, you can never go wrong with a personalised photo gift. 

Officeworks has almost everything covered in the gift deparment. You can put a photo on a t-shirt, a keyring, calendar, cups, coffee mugs, mousepad and the list seriously keeps on going.

It takes about 10 days or so to get to me as that is the turn around but sometimes a late gift is the best gift as they already get spoilt enough on actual Father’s Day.

Doing something like this though and going through photos also reminded me this year that I need to take more family photos and like photos of my dad with the girls and that as I could literally find none :-( 

Have you ever taken the time and made a personalised photo gift for a Dad in your life? If so please share your inspo and ideas.